Winter Cleaning Made Easy With Professional Cleaning Tools

Winter Cleaning Made Easy With Professional Cleaning Tools

Summers are a lot of work with respect to cleaning, but winters? This season might appear harmless but it causes more damage to the house if not tackled properly.

Fortunately, there are tools to help us clean and keep the house tidy but you need to be extra careful while choosing what tool you want to work with. Professional cleaning, as the name indicates, requires a lot of dedication with a bit of expertise.

Health reminder: Alongside expertise, you need to consider germs too. Yes! When the temperatures become favorable for them, germs can really hit you hard. To stay protected, use hand wash liquid to wash hands, before and after cleaning the house and ask your family to do the same.

You can’t just dig into the process directly, first, you need to have a basic understanding of what you should do, how can you clean the house, and where to start. Secondly, you should start acting on what you thought and you’d have a clean house in no time.

So let’s start from the beginning:

Make a to-do list

There’s no action without a plan, so you need to make lists before starting your cleaning spree. Find out the areas that need the most attention and then jot them down. Think of how you could make the most of your time and then bring out the big guns – the tools that you’d require to keep the house clean.

A checklist is also beneficial because it helps you prioritize what needs to be done first. Unlike the very thing that you are looking to avoid, it could help you clear the clutter and avoid the mess.

Give your radiators a pat

Dust-laden radiators could reduce the heating efficiency by a lot. Because radiators function on the concept of the grill and blow, any significant amount of dust could impede the process and increase your bill. For these reasons, either brush it down or if you could, pressure it out.

Make it a habit to blow the radiators clean at least twice a year. In winter, leaving the dirt unchecked could also cause choking on some ends, all of which could cause serious damage if left unattended.

Windows need to see too

It doesn’t matter what season it is, your windows will always be a part of the process. You need to keep them clean always and forever and to do that, you’d need a glass cleaner liquid and a microfiber cloth.

Make sure that you clean the windows when the sun is down because cleaning in the sun could cause streaking and marks on the windows, which are a trouble to deal with.

Don’t let the fireplace stay dirty

Cold winters call for a cozy room and it is the fireplace that makes the room cozy and warm but that also means a dirty fireplace full of ash and dust.

When you start using the fireplace after a long time, mostly after a long summer, you will have to face loads of dirt and ash which should be cleaned timely.

You should also take safety measures when you start using the fireplace again. Check for smoke alarms and look out for any animals hiding.

Clean the carpets with a pressure washer

Carpets and rugs can harbor a lot of dirt and grime which might not be visible at once. Instead, you get to experience the turmoil when the carpet has become visibly dirty.

You might think, how did this even happen? All of a sudden? But the truth is it happened over time, only you were not able to see it.

Pressure washing your carpet is one of the best ways to keep it clean instantly. The pressure causes the dirt, stains, and grime to fall off the surface just like that and to be honest, you can’t clean the carpet by using just a brush and vacuum.

Can’t let the germs party

Germs love to hide in plain sight and because we aren’t able to see them with the naked eye, we often overlook the very spots that should be cleaned. When you are about to clean the house you should do so with a perspective.

The idea behind this process should be to not only clean the house visibly but microscopically too. However, for that, you’d need to use disinfectant products and solutions. Winters are specifically a time when temperature changes affect people the most.

It is due to the favorable conditions that germs grow in this season and therefore it is more important to keep the house tidy than in summer. When you are visibly cleaning the surfaces, make a mind map of where the germs might hide and use specific solutions there to rid it of microbes too.

Use the upholstery cleaner

On the patio, the wind blows a little better and dust stays a little long so to keep enjoying the view and weather, you need to clean it periodically. Use the upholstery cleaner to get rid of the dust and grime that has claimed your furniture.

The next step would be to gently scrub it down with a cloth and a soft brush. And you’d be done with all of the cleanings that you need to do in winter.


It’s tough to keep the house clean but it’s tougher to pay the costs if the house is not clean. With these cleaning tips, you can do the job easily. If you still have any questions, you can let us know. We’d be more than happy to help you out.

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