FAQs on contoura vision lasik surgery 

FAQs on contoura vision lasik surgery 

These days, Contoura Vision surgery has become popular the world over to retain better eyesight. This is one advanced medical technology that is said to make people’s lives much healthier and easier. Scientists have been working round the clock to discover new surgical treatments that offer amazing outcomes with least risks involved. Such improvements, however are not restricted to spectacle removal surgical procedures.

About Contoura Vision Surgery

Contoura vision lasik surgery is a sophisticated procedure and is also referred to as Topography guided LASIK surgery. Individuals can benefit immensely from this procedure as it helps eliminate wearing spectacles. It is found to be a huge success in those operated. Besides this, it offers better outcomes in those previously not found eligible to undergo LASIK surgery due to corneal abnormalities. This advanced technology is FDA approved and safe.

Its history

For correcting vision, spectacles are being worn since the 13th century. During the 1800s, contact lenses created from hand-blown glasses were used in Switzerland. They can be termed to be invasive ways to correct eyesight and to improve visual clarity. However, these devices only caused some discomfort to the user and required thorough treatment. This gave birth to Radial keratotomy, an intrusive eye correction procedure.

About Radial keratotomy and other procedures

This procedure involves creating an incision in cornea region using a diamond knife. Its curvature is altered. It was discovered by a Russian eye-specialist. This method is still recommended to manage Astigmatism. During the 1990s, another reposeful technique named photorefractive keratome was approved by the FDA. LASIK was created to combine their benefits and do away with their drawbacks while offering better outcomes.

Introduction of Contoura therapy

The above procedures did prove to be quite effective. They are still considered to be the gold standard concerning vision corrective surgery. Personalised LASIK treatment became available in 1999 based upon wavefront analysis. The procedure was called Contoura. On the cornea, it offered 22000 points. Unlike Contoura, traditional LASIK is said to map merely 200 locations on cornea.

Benefits offered

  • Treating Visual Axis: This procedures works with visual axis, considered to be the natural seeing axis of the eye. The two treatments laying emphasis on papillary axis are SMILE and LASIK. Contoura therapy assures to improve eyesight quality significantly.
  • Corneal irregularity removal: This procedure can map as well as erase corneal abnormalities. It identifies about 22,000 unique elevation points present on cornea. It also creates smooth, optically flawless corneal surface, thereby enhancing visual quality and sharpness.
  • Removal procedures: This procedure is FDA approved and stated to be completely safe when concerning removal procedures. Moreover, lasik operation cost in india has become quite affordable these days thus allowing the common person to derive its benefits.
  • Other benefits: Besides the above, this procedure also assures to offer other unique benefits. It includes involving less blade, less stitch, less pain, no bandage, no injections, no hospitalization and no more using of specs.

Difference between SMILE and Contoura

SMILE is considered to be an alternative procedure to LASIK surgery. Studies reveal that the results can be much better. However, high-end treatment outcomes consider topography guided LASIK to be much more effective. It can be termed to be the most advanced and sophisticated LASIK option and correction technique. This does not mean that Wavefront guided LASIK and conventional LASIK are not effective enough to enhance vision.

Contoura offers superior results

The fact is that Topography guided LASIK can offer superior quality results. It also offers additional benefits such as reducing risk of halos, glare and light sensitivity following treatment. For vision correction, this procedure is the most opted one. Lasik surgery cost in india is quite reasonable and assures providing <100% vision. It is also found that this surgery is superior to SMILE.

Who can be a good candidate to undergo this advanced surgery?

The truth is that not every patient suffering from visual issues is recommended with topography guided LASIK surgery. First, the qualified ophthalmologists perform a thorough check up of the eyes. This is done to determine if the procedure can help correct refractive errors or improve visual clarity. Based on the findings, the patient is suggested to be prepared for the surgery that offers quick results.

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Useful advice

Those suffering vision problems or not considered good candidates for traditional LASIK surgery should visit the ophthalmologist immediately. Perhaps, they can avail this advanced surgical procedure and get better eyesight.


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