What is a Soul Contract, and How do Akashic Records Help Access it?

What is a Soul Contract, and How do Akashic Records Help Access it?

The part of ourselves that we refer to as “supreme” or “God” is the soul. It is made up of some qualities that are commonly referred to as virtues. Their parents, teachers, and even strangers teach them from a young age. The foundation of soul contracts is that our souls correspond to others’ souls before entering a new body. Human souls negotiate agreements to collaborate and further develop on Earth during these prenatal meetings.

Why do soul contracts exist?

After that, the human souls agree to cooperate and gain experience on our earthly planet. They will motivate us to fulfill our life’s purpose. Each soul has a guardian angel who collaborates with seven teachers. After we are given a family when we are born, they teach us what to expect in life.

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All souls must adhere to the universal laws of the universe for this process to work correctly. Souls won’t be able to fulfill their purpose or contribute positively to life if they don’t follow these rules. You can create a life of happiness if you abide by these laws.

How are we affected by soul contracts?

Our contracts define our life purpose. Because they enable us to fulfill our purpose, these arrangements enable us to connect with the people we require in our lives and achieve our objectives. People destined to be together will experience the greatest pleasure possible due to this spiritual connection.

Many people hold the belief that the purpose of Soul contracts is to teach us about humanity. This idea holds that when we are born, we inherit a family that helps us learn about the physical world.

How do Akashic Records work?

The idea of Akashic Records encompasses all of our past life experiences. Using a key and following a guide, anyone can gain access to their Soul’s documents from previous lives. They will reveal themselves to you if you actively look for them.

In addition, those who can study them will learn how they got here and what happened to them in the past. This access is the beginning of a spiritual journey, and many people who go on it find that they better understand their lives, keeping wonderful surprises from them.

What are Akashic Records?

Some regard the Akashic records as the energy that permeates the universe throughout space and time. It is also referred to as a hidden or secret space. The ethereal plane, a place that isn’t real but is still a part of the whole of the cosmos, is thought to contain our souls’ knowledge.

Why go into Akashic Records for a soul contract?

The Akashic records are becoming increasingly popular as personal development and growth tools. As a result of the expanding collective consciousness of humanity, saints and mystics are no longer the only people who can access the Akashic Records. Through prayer and meditation, modern practitioners assist individuals in gaining access to their Akashic records. Spirit guides can help you find your intuitive study and work.

Our souls transmit trauma from one life to the next. Let’s say we’re learning how to unlock and access our Akashic records. If that’s the case, we’ll not only be able to assist in paying off karmic debt from our ancestors, but we’ll also be able to free ourselves and make way for universal grace and blessings.

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Tips for how to access the Akashic Records for soul’s contract successfully.

The following are some helpful tips to follow before accessing the prayers for the Akashic Records:

  • Before you ask guides your questions, you can put it together by quieting your mind and raising your vibration to love, peace, and ease.
  • Focus is an essential thing once you’re relaxed. 
  • Your thoughts establish a clear objective for engaging the information and visualizations in the middle.
  • The mental image that you can use during your meditation practice.
  • If you have a consistent scene in mind during meditation, like a peaceful beach, forest, or home, you may need to first visualize that scene before asking questions.
  • You can also list the important questions you need to invite before beginning your meditation.
  • Before beginning your meditation, you can stay on track and organize your thoughts to obtain the intuitive guidance you seek by writing the questions down or simply asking them to yourself in silence.
  • Answering questions with complete clarity demonstrates your goal and may help you focus.
  • For starters, it might be tempting to find answers to additional questions using the akashic information. 
  • To begin, concentrate on one or more questions.
  • By asking a few questions during an available session and allowing your intuition to direct you to the appropriate questions, you can become more comfortable as you become more accustomed.
  • Applying a guided akashic records prayer is one strategy that can assist you in gaining access to your data.


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