Best Black Gothic Grubs In Johor Bahru Malaysia

Best Black Gothic Grubs In Johor Bahru Malaysia

Since people are more inclined to eat brightly colored food, black is not a common color to see on a plate. When black-colored delicacies are served, diners will often hear “ohhhs” and “ahhhs”.

Before you answer, take a look at these black foods that may change your mind.


  1. Gin Gastronomy Italian (Squid Ink Risotto, Bamboo Charcoal Fried Fish Steak)

Do you believe in the dark version? You should visit Gin Gastronomy Italian if you don’t believe so.


Gin Gastronomy Italian serves great Italian cuisine to the Johor communities. They sometimes even used creativity to create their menus. They even combined traditional Italian dishes with activated charcoal powder.


Their innovative creation, the Squid Ink Rissoto, is also worth a try if your desire to enjoy a Black version of Italian cuisine. This North Italian rice dish is made with a rich and creamy meat and vegetable broth.


It is then seasoned with butter, wine and onions. Finally, it is coated with squid ink to give it its flavor and color. Gin Gastronomy Italian also included baby squid in its Squid Ink Risotto for an extra texture.


Gin Gastronomy Italian may be the Italian restaurant that can change your perception of the traditional Italian dish. You might also enjoy other Italian dishes from them. Buon Appetite.


  1. Bev C (Charcoal Croissant With Smoked Salmon).

Bev C is both a cafe as well as a boutique that designs fashion. Their cafe is located on the second floor. This cafe is well-known for its rustic and black interior design. They offer their guests a peaceful retreat upon their visits.


The cafe is hippy-looking and also offers charcoal black food – Charcoal Croissants with Smoked Salmon. Their Charcoal-flavored Croissant is served with freshly sliced salmon, and a complimentary salad.


Flaky charcoal croissant, lightly toasted and drizzled in honey for a touch of sweetness.


Surprise, the mayonnaise topping on the complimentary salad’s’sauce” is actually not mayonnaise. The cream cheese topping is actually a spoonful to go with the salmon sliced. This food pairing was delicious.


  1. Creamery Boutique Ice Creams (Black Crispy Cookies)

After its initial establishment in Bangkok three to four years ago, Lava Cookies are now available in Johor Bahru. Creamery Boutique Ice Creams follows a similar idea and uses the same recipe as their main outlet Bangkok. It offers Lava Cookies in different flavors.


They are currently following the Charcoal Food Trend, and have introduced their Black Crispy Cookies. You can also choose their Black Crispy Cookie with salted eggs gravy if you prefer it savory. Their sweet and savory sweet salted dessert is made with fresh salted eggs yolks and whites.


To create the Volcano Lava Charcoal Cookie, the egg yolk is mixed into the gravy and stuffed into the cookie. The ice cream topping is made from the fresh salted egg yolk. Their molten charcoal-flavored cookies taste soft and chewy, which allows the enzymes to enjoy every bite.


  1. Urban Artisan: Charcoal Waffles, Charcoal Mint & Lavender

Black Waffle ….. Anyone? Because eating a yellow waffle can be so simple.


Urban Artisan’s Charcoal Whopper concept is simple but will melt the hearts of all foodies. The base of this dessert is a waffle flavored with black charcoal. It’s then topped with powdered sugar to make it even more appealing. The dessert is served with homemade ice cream, which are colorful and delicious. This dessert is a perfect combination of hot and cold texture. It’s great for friends gatherings. 


If you are looking for something simpler, you can also try their soft serve cones. Their soft serve desserts are usually available as a grab-and-go soft serve. The charcoal soft serve was also introduced to their menu. Their black-coloured soft serve is not too sweet and contains strong vanilla flavors instead of activated charcoal. This soft serve can be combined with any other soft drinks in the shop to make a photogenic soft drink.


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