What I Learned After Hiring a BigCommerce Development Agency

What I Learned After Hiring a BigCommerce Development Agency

I operate a small to medium-sized online store designed to attract domestic consumers. You don’t really need to know what the industry is because it’s irrelevant to this tale.

I’m based on BigCommerce because the platform is designed (allegedly) to make it easy for people to sell online. I can’t really complain too much because, in some ways, that’s true. Integrating payment gateways and accepting payments is easy, as is creating pages for products and managing inventory.

It’s also fast, secure, and the backend is relatively easy to use. It’s not great though.

Whenever I had to make any sort of change to how my eCommerce store looked and worked, it felt like I was pulling my own teeth.

That was until I hired 1Digital Agency as my BigCommerce development agency to take care of some of those issues. This is what I learned.

I Saved So Much Money and Time

I cannot even begin to tell you how much time and money I saved trying to manage basic design changes that, though they took me forever, probably only took an experienced design and development team a matter of minutes.

Sure, hiring a certified BigCommerce development team is expensive, but that’s legitimately nothing compared to how much time (and therefore money) I was wasting when trying to solve all those problems on my own.

I Don’t Need to Bang My Head Against the Wall for Minor Customizations

I also need to call out the matter of frustration. I was seriously in way too deep whenever I wanted to change anything about my website or install a new app. I only did the latter a few times but it was still a major ordeal every time.

BigCommerce is supposed to make it really easy to perform integrations and has what they call an “open API,” but seriously, I’m technologically illiterate.

Every time I needed to change something about my BigCommerce design or make some tweak to my eCommerce website that would benefit the user experience, I dreaded figuring it out and was always worried I’d break something.

1Digital Agency is fast, efficient, and put those fears to rest.

A BigCommerce Development Agency Can Create a Custom Theme

When I first launched my online store, I noticed that BigCommerce was one of the eCommerce platforms that was compatible with a few free themes that seemed pretty decent. I used one of these, but after a while, I felt like the standard, out-of-the-box look was not optimized to offer a good customer experience or encourage conversion rates.

So I’m considering having a custom BigCommerce theme created for my website, with which I know 1Digital Agency will have no problem since they are an Elite BigCommerce partner with a seasoned team of BigCommerce web development experts.

No More Digging for Bugs and Code Problems

One of the main problems with running a BigCommerce store and not having any development experience is realizing how bugs can literally creep out of the woodwork.

Whenever I used to experience minor mishaps on my BigCommerce website it took me way too long to find and clean them up. Oftentimes, I couldn’t and I just had to uninstall the feature that was causing the problem.

That’s no way to run an online store, but luckily, since hiring 1Digital Agency, I haven’t had that problem anymore. They’re fast and efficient when it comes to finding and removing bugs.

The Right BigCommerce Development Agency Can Help with Digital Marketing

Another great thing about hiring 1Digital Agency is that, in addition to being a BigCommerce development agency, they’re also adept with digital marketing. Their PPC and SEO processes are among the most effective in their industry, and they also offer email marketing, social media marketing, and content marketing services.

Whether you’re looking to have a new theme custom designed, a new app developed that offers custom functionality, or just need a team of BigCommerce experts on call that can help you find and fix site errors, I highly recommend 1Digital Agency.

Check out their website at 1DigitalAgency.com or just give them a call like I did – 888-982-8269.

Albert John

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