How to Sell Online with SEO: Four Helpful Tips [from an eCommerce Expert!]

How to Sell Online with SEO: Four Helpful Tips [from an eCommerce Expert!]

Here’s something a lot of people don’t realize about search engine optimization. Even though it’s commonly billed as a way to generate higher sales and conversions, that’s not necessarily what SEO does.

What SEO does is get certain pages on your website to show up higher in the organic search results. It can be used to foster higher sales and revenue – but it’s not guaranteed.

So here are some things you actually can do if you want to know how to sell online with SEO.

And trust us – this is coming from a writer that does this for a living.

1.Target keywords with commercial or transactional search intent.

Behind every specific keyword, there is something called search intent. Search intent refers to what the goal of the person performing the search is.

For instance, some keywords have informational search intent. This means the searcher is looking for an answer to a question.

Others have transactional or commercial search intent, which means that the searcher is actively looking to buy something.

When you perform your keyword research, you should optimize your eCommerce website – from alt text to blog posts – for keywords that have commercial or transactional search intent.

This will help you attract users to your website that are already looking to make a purchase and is without question one of the best ways to use SEO to sell more online.

2. Refresh your copy

Do not underestimate how persuasive good sales copy (that is also keyword optimized for SEO) can be.

Calls to action, urgency plays, and downright witty, and engaging copy can stimulate and encourage readers.

Flat, duplicate content will not only turn off buyers – it can potentially incur a penalty from Google.

Spare no expense. Your copy is, all things considered, one of your greatest sales tools. Take some time to think about the value offered by your products or services and make sure you communicate that value clearly in your blog posts, meta descriptions, and in your category pages, in your product pages’ product descriptions and landing pages.

3. Add links to products in your copy and long-form content.

Conversion rate optimization is a thing and it also has a huge impact on user experience and behavior.

One of the best ways to optimize a page for conversion rate is to include links to relevant products in your copy – both for on-page SEO as a ranking factor and as a sales funnel.

If you’ve targeted the right customers using long-tail keywords with transactional search intent, your next goal should be to get them on the page where they can complete a sale in as few clicks as possible.

Once you have their attention, every link is an opportunity to get them on the screen where they can make a purchase. Including links to products is simply (and literally) one of the most effective CRO techniques for on-page and sales copy.

4.Include “Buy Now” and “Add to Cart” buttons where feasible.

Another great way to encourage conversions on your landing pages and product pages is to include “Buy Now,” “Add to Cart” and other “Quick Purchase” sorts of buttons.

Removing roadblocks that stand in the way of customers and their intent to purchase is a sure-fire way to draw out revenue. Customers may want to buy, but they don’t like headaches.

Remember, “as few clicks as possible” is the name of the game.

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