Popular American Schools in Riyadh

The American way of teaching and learning provides a scope of choices for students all over the world. No wonder almost every country is inclined toward American schools. Signing up the future generation of kids with good school and education is the primary mission for all. Similarly, Riyadh is systematically enriching its education system by building more schools. The aim is to reach out to parents who keep searching ‘primary schools near me’ online.  

The growth of the best school in Riyadh might come to some of us as a shock in recent years. In Saudi Arabia, they teach solely in Arabic and are closed to non-citizens. So, international schools are probably the only best option in Riyadh


Why should you look for American Schools in Riyadh? 

Living as an expat can be difficult at times to gel up with the culture and traditions there. But education is the best possible way to show you the light. Learning and leading go hand in hand. 

The more one educates himself with knowledge, the more confidence he gets in his thoughts, perspectives, and visions. Therefore, expecting the best education along with extracurricular activities, and advanced technologies, one should look for international learnings and American schools in Riyadh. 

Let’s check out some of the best American schools in Riyadh.


Top 3 International Schools in Riyadh

  • One World International School
  • Al Faris International School
  • Al Forsan International School

One World International School

OWIS provides inquiry-based education according to the American education system. They emphasize the main concern on academics and anything that ensures value-based development. Without distinguishing, students from all religions and cultures are allowed to learn from one of the best American schools in Riyadh. 

The engaging environment allows the student to become confident citizens of the world. Speaking up and voicing their concern allows everyone to communicate well between students and teachers. Also, read about the international baccalaureate curriculum

Al Faris International School

This popular International School aims to put its best impact on academics and strong commitment. They provide a safe environment along with productive and advanced resources to ensure the best outcome for their students. Their vision is mainly to produce positive and impartial leaders to contribute to the global community.

Al Forsan International School

They have a unique influence all over the world. By viewing the perspective of teaching the students with international education, they make sure the students are tightly grounded in their culture and language. 

With skilled teachers, after-school programs, academic support, standard subjects, and educational facilities, no doubt they have made a mark in the learning community.



In Riyadh, it’s rare to find a primary school near you with more than 23 students in each class. This means the students get more opportunities to learn from their respective teachers. The schools follow specific rules, which include Friday and Saturday as the weekend, and their weekdays start from Sunday

Cultures and ways vary from country to country. A new place means new rules and a new system. In some places, religion and religious perspective gets priority, and somewhere what works for the country’s people. 

Adapting new ways is the only option we should be able to perform in any given situation. If you are looking for refined and evolved American schools in Riyadh, these are some of the best options


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