How to become a Certified Human Capital Management professional

How to become a Certified Human Capital Management professional

Workday HCM is a widely used cloud-based management software that assists companies in managing their employees efficiently. It provides a comprehensive solution for all aspects of human resources, from recruiting employees to handling payroll. HR software is essential for all businesses as it helps in managing the core operations of a company.

Workday HCM is a leading software that effectively handles the core operations of any organization. Studies have shown that employee engagement is vital for a company’s success, and with Workday HCM, businesses can engage their workforce in unique and innovative ways.

Workday HCM is versatile, it can meet the needs of all types of employees, and it enables companies to plan, manage, and analyze their workforce in an imaginative manner. It also offers a comprehensive view of the workforce, making it a must-have software for any organization, regardless of size. However, to fully utilize the software, companies need to seek the help of Workday HCM consultants who can provide them with insights and guidance in using the software.

Getting certified as a Workday professional is a very good thing to do. This blog provides a deep understanding of what Workday HCM certification is and why it’s important.

What is Workday Certification?

Workday certification is a way for individuals to demonstrate their knowledge and proficiency in using Workday software. By obtaining a Workday certification, individuals can prove to employers that they have the skills and knowledge needed to effectively use the software in a professional setting.

There are several types of Workday certifications available, each focusing on a specific area of expertise or job role. Workday certifications include:

Workday HCM Certification: 

Workday Human Capital Management (HCM) certification is a professional certification program offered by Workday, Inc. that verifies an individual’s skills, knowledge, and Workday HCM training for Workday HCM software. The certification covers topics such as payroll processing, benefits administration, and talent management, among others. Having a Workday HCM certification demonstrates a professional’s expertise in the software and can enhance their career opportunities in the HCM field. Workday HCM certification have listed modules –

  • Workday Core HCM: This module covers the basics of the Workday HCM software, including employee data management, organization structure management, and reporting.
  • Workday Payroll: This module focuses on the payroll processing capabilities of Workday, including tax calculation, payroll accounting, and payroll reporting.
  • Workday Time Tracking: This module covers the time tracking features of Workday, including time and attendance, time-off requests, and time-off accruals.
  • Workday Absence: This module focuses on the absence management features of Workday, including absence requests, absence tracking, and absence reporting.
  • Workday Advanced Compensation: This module covers advanced compensation features in Workday, including merit and bonus management, equity awards, and total rewards statements.
  • Workday Recruiting: This module focuses on the talent acquisition capabilities of Workday, including job requisition management, candidate sourcing, and offer management.
  • Workday Benefits: This module covers the benefits administration capabilities of Workday, including open enrollment, life events, and benefits reporting.
  • Workday Learning: This module focuses on the learning management capabilities of Workday, including course management, learning plans, and competency tracking.
  • Workday Talent and Performance: This module covers the talent and performance management features of Workday, including goal management, performance appraisals, and succession planning.

To obtain a Workday certification, individuals must pass a certification exam. The exams are designed to test knowledge and understanding of the software’s features, functionality, and best practices. The exams typically include multiple-choice questions and may also include scenario-based questions or simulations.

Workday certifications are valid for a certain period of time, typically two years, after which individuals must recertify to maintain their certification status. This is to ensure that certified professionals stay current with the latest developments and features of the software.

Workday certification can help professionals to improve their chances of getting hired and also to get a promotion at their current workplace. It shows that they are proficient in using Workday software and can help an organization to optimize its workday processes.

Types of Workday Certifications

There are two types of Workday Certifications

1. Workday Pro Certification

Workday Pro is a customer-focused training program that helps organizations achieve higher Workday competency and self-sufficiency. It consists of tracks aligned with Workday product areas and includes courses and an online exam. The program is for employees of Workday customers who have or wish to have exceptional technical and functional expertise. Note that it is only available for employees and not for contingent workers or the Workday consulting ecosystem.

The aim of Workday Pro is to provide comprehensive training on Workday products to employees of Workday customers, enabling them to better utilize and manage the platform. Through this program, participants can develop the necessary technical and functional skills to increase their proficiency and efficiency with Workday. The tracks offered are tailored to specific product areas and include hands-on training, interactive activities, and knowledge assessments. Upon completing the required courses, participants take an online exam to test their understanding and mastery of the material covered. This program is an excellent opportunity for individuals to enhance their skills and advance their careers within their organizations.

2. Workday Partner Certification

Workday Partner Certification is a program designed to recognize and certify the competency and expertise of Workday consulting partners and their consultants. The certification process involves the completion of training, hands-on experience, and an online assessment, ensuring that certified partners and their consultants have the necessary skills and knowledge to provide high-quality implementation and support services for Workday customers. The program is aimed at providing customers with a pool of qualified and knowledgeable service providers who can help them maximize their investment in Workday technology.

How to prepare for the Workday Certification

Workday is a well-known cloud-based software company specializing in the Human Capital Management (HCM) and finance industry. If you want to make a strong impact in the HR and finance market, getting a Workday certification can help boost your career.

The applications offered by Workday have a complex process architecture, but they are cloud-based and easy to understand. With a technology background, it is easy to grasp the concepts.

To earn a Workday certification, you must be an employee of one of their partner companies. The company will enroll you for the certification and cover the cost. Workday is widely used by top multinational companies. If you have a basic understanding of navigating Workday knowledge centers, the training and certification should not be difficult.

IT professionals, managers, HR employees, project managers, security managers, system administrators, and many other job roles can be performed by a Workday expert.

Workday Certification Benefits

As a Workday certified HCM professional, there are some very significant advantages that you will receive; here are some of them –

  • Demonstrates proficiency: Workday certification demonstrates to potential employers that an individual has the knowledge and skills to effectively use the software in a professional setting.
  • Improves job prospects: Having a Workday certification can improve an individual’s job prospects, as employers often prefer to hire certified professionals.
  • Increases earning potential: Certified professionals tend to have higher earning potential, as they are in demand and possess the skills that organizations need.
  • Stays current: Workday certification is valid for a certain period of time, typically two years, after which individuals must recertify to maintain their certification status. This ensures that certified professionals stay current with the latest developments and features of the software.
  • Enhances Career growth: Having a Workday certification can increase an individual’s chances of getting hired and also getting a promotion at their current workplace.
  • Gives an Edge in the market: The Workday certification gives an edge over non-certified professionals in the market, as it shows that they are proficient in using Workday software and can help an organization to optimize their workday processes.
  • Improves knowledge and skills: Preparing for and taking the certification exam helps individuals to improve their knowledge and skills in using Workday software.
  • Recognition: Workday certification is recognized globally and can help you to expand your career opportunities across the globe.

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