Most Asked Question before buying artificial kundan jewellery online

Most Asked Question before buying artificial kundan jewellery online

Artificial kundan jewellery online is one of the greatest-selling jewellery items ever and is in high demand no matter the occasion. If you match the Kundan set design with your bridal attire, it will only serve to make your special day even more memorable.

What is the history of kundan jewellery?

Jewelry made from kundan dates back to the Mughal and Rajoutani periods. As it was adopted by all of the royal Mughal families, it aggressively flourished during the Mughal era. The Mughal and Rajput empires produced a large number of skilled craftsmen and artisans, whose work may still be seen today.

What are the methods for Making Kundan Jewelry?

A single kundan dulhan jewellery set demands a lot of labor and workmanship because designing one involves both a lot of time and specialized skills. The gadhayi technique is the first step in making the Kundan jewellery set. After properly completing this process, the engraved Kundan set design is filled with various natural colors during the khudayi stage, which is the next stage after Meenakari. Jaadayi is finished to further perfect the design of the Kundan jewellery set. Making superior-grade Kundan jewellery sets involves all of these stages.

How long does it take to create a single piece of kundan jewellery?

Kundan jewelry-making requires hard effort and a specialized skill set. Each piece must be manually finished by master artisans and craftspeople. It takes many hours and a high level of expertise to design Kundan jewellery, and depending on the simplicity and intricacy of the design, it can often take 2-4 months to make a Kundan jewellery piece.

Which patterns are most commonly shopped in artificial kundan jewellery online?

Nature and architecture serve as inspiration for Kundan Jewelry. To design them, it lacks any particular motifs. The majority of Kundan designs may be seen employing natural materials like tulips, roses, carnations, and lotuses, among other flowers. You can notice some timeless Kundan patterns that we have seen for a very long time. Even in the present period, the appeal of kundan jewellery has not diminished. Kundan jewellery has mingled beautifully with contemporary jewellery.

Why bridal kundan jewellery set is the popular trend of 2023?

Bridal jewellery has traditionally been an important part of the Kundan jewellery industry. The colors available in Kundan sets give the bride’s dress a distinctive touch. The divas of the Indian film industry likewise take great pleasure in it. Both closed-collar and choker versions of the necklace, the centerpiece of a Kundan jewellery set, are available. The piece could be heavily embellished or light and worn with chunkier bracelets. Nowadays, parties are chosen over weddings or other formal occasions, and lighter clothing items that are ideal for parties are favored. A pair of Kundan earrings can be used for evening wear even without any other jewellery. Shop from swarashop to get the best artificial kundan jewellery online.

What cultural importance do brides associate with kundan jewellery?

Kundan is frequently utilized at weddings because of its classy and refined appearance. Indian traditional jewellery has always been fairly bulky and made up of large gold pieces. Indian brides are once more loving Kundan ethnic necklace set as it becomes lighter in weight over time. Every bride wants to shine on her wedding day, and the royals favored this style of jewellery for a reason. Heavy diamond sets and Kundan jewellery are typically inappropriate for a traditional bridal dress.

How can one tell the difference between real and artificial Kundan?

When shopping, having an in-depth understanding of genuine kundan jewellery is essential. One requires a basic knowledge of jewellery and craftsmanship to be able to tell artificial pieces from real ones. Since Kundan jewellery is set in 24-carat gold, it should, however, come with quality certifications from the jeweller. You could also check the jewellery for authentic stamps to lessen the likelihood of phony jewellery.

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