Kanat Sultanbekov- Keeping Workers Safe During Winter and The Importance of Communication For Construction Sites

Kanat Sultanbekov- Keeping Workers Safe During Winter and The Importance of Communication For Construction Sites

Construction work never stops, and even during the winter months, workers brave the cold to complete projects on time and on budget. Site managers take the onus of protecting their workers so that they do not fall prey to frostbite, fatigue, and other serious health issues that could delay the timeline of the project.

Kanat Sultanbekovhow do project managers protect their workers during the winter months?

Kanat Sultanbekov is a highly esteemed and respected name in the construction industry in New York. He is known for his inspirational leadership skills and proactive ability to complete projects on time with the highest safety standards. When it comes to project management and safety precautions, he says the winter months are harsh, and there are some regions where storms and blizzards often damage construction work. Project managers should check the daily weather forecast so that the tasks for that day can be determined and the workers protected from any severe weather change.

Site inspection before the work starts

Project managers should undertake a site inspection before the work for the day begins. If there has been a storm in the past, the manager should clean the area before the work starts. The site should be checked for fallen wires or trees that will potentially cause harm to the workers if they remain on the site.

Use sand to melt ice and snow from surfaces

Snow and ice should be removed from areas where ladders are used. They should not be near walkways, scaffolding, or roofs. Workers should be advised to avoid those areas until they are cleaned and safe for accessibility. For melting the ice and snow, you can use sand. If it is snowing and the weather is wet and icy, encourage your workers to take tiny steps to avoid slipping and falling down, especially if they carry equipment and tools.

Safety programs and training are essential to keep workers safe

Every construction manager must ensure that regular training programs on safety are conducted so that workers are safe round-the-clock. Communication should be seamless and clear to promote collaboration on the site. The training programs should also be imparted on machine and tool safety methods so that unwanted accidents can be avoided on the spot.

The importance of collaboration and communication for the success of a project 

Construction projects involve a lot of teamwork and coordination, so project managers must be good with their written and oral communication skills. Workers should be given the opportunity to voice their opinions and feedback on any subject matter related to the project.

According to Kanat Sultanbekov, an excellent and skilled project manager will focus on the importance of communication with his team and use proactive listening skills to take their feedback into account. Strong interpersonal skills and team management ability are the strengths of successful construction project managers. With the help of these skills, projects can be completed on time and on budget. Communication channels should be clearly defined and seamless so that everyone associated with the project is on the same page about its progress and current status.

According to him, besides risks in management planning and finance, safety risks are common on construction sites. Workers need to be careful with machinery and other construction tools that operate on power.

There have been several instances where workers have been crushed by heavy machinery or have been severely injured due to the lack of knowledge about how specific power tools should be operated. Not only do they suffer, but the entire project suffers as well in terms of financial losses and delays. Every responsible construction project manager must ensure that workers are aware of the safety risks on site, especially with heavy machinery and tools.

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