Difference Between Preschool, Childcare and Best Kindergarten In Singapore

Difference Between Preschool, Childcare and Best Kindergarten In Singapore

You may have come across references to childcare, preschool, and kindergarten when looking for the best early learning strategy for your children.


These terms may have a similar sound, but depending on your requirements and choices, they can provide you and your kids with a variety of learning opportunities.


Here is a quick look at a few things that make them unique.


Understanding the Definitions

Kindergartens in Singapore

Preschool is a general phrase that refers to any establishment that offers early childcare and education. Then, Singapore’s preschools are divided into two categories: childcare and kindergarten.


The Early Childhood Development Agency oversees all activities related to how preschools run (ECDA). The agency’s primary areas of interest include raising the bar for preschool programmes, training and advancing the careers of early childhood educators, providing all families with access to high-quality preschool programmes, and more.


You must identify the things that are important to you in order to choose the international preschools in Singapore that is most appropriate for you and your child.


Singapore in child care.

Singapore’s childcare facilities typically accept children between the ages of 18 months and 6 years. Some child care facilities offer infant care programmes for infants between the ages of 2 and 17 months.


The majority of child care facilities offer full-day programmes that run from 7 am to 7 pm and include meals and nap times for the kids. Some facilities provide Saturday care options for a full day.


These facilities offer half-day programmes from 7 am to 1 pm, which is shortly before naps for kids who are staying for full-day programmes.


Childcare facilities offer breakfast and lunch as their two meals per day for the kids. It is best to ask the specific centre about its food programmes as some may include morning and afternoon snacks.


These child care facilities are closed six days a year, excluding Sunday and holidays, for staff development, lesson planning, and specific public holidays.


Singapore’s kindergartens

Due to the fact that kindergarten programmes tend to be more academically oriented, the majority Best kindergartens in Singapore accept children between the ages of 3 and 6. There is a lot to be done in the three to four hours that the majority of kindergartens run each day in order to fulfil the curriculum.


While meals might not be included in the programme at kindergartens, some facilities give the kids snack choices. Do inquire about the meal programmes at your top-choice schools because you might need to send your kids to school with a snack box.


Kindergartens adhere to the primary school holiday timetable when it comes to vacation time. As a result, they follow the private schools vacation schedule and have their breaks in March, June, September, and November/December. Kindergartens might not be the best choice for you if this is a problem for working parents who might not be able to take time off over the holiday season.


Learning Methods Offered at Singapore’s Preschools

You understand as parents that children must reach developmental milestones as they grow. How does having your child enrolled in preschool assist in achieving these milestones?


To begin with, all preschools in Singapore strive to assist your children in achieving their learning objectives, including addressing their socio-emotional needs, boosting their self-esteem, and laying a solid foundation for numeracy and literacy so they can transition smoothly into formal education at primary levels.


Differences in Preschool, Kindergarten, and Childcare Curriculum

Both schools provide a variety of instructional strategies, including Montessori, Reggio, and Waldorf, that can be tailored to your children’s learning requirements.


Although the curriculum of childcare facilities and kindergartens are similar, kindergartens tend to be more academically focused than childcare facilities because they only have three hours to finish a day’s worth of learning. Additionally, they don’t provide any childcare services for parents who might need them.


On the other hand, child care facilities tend to favour hands-on learning, where kids take part in activities that promote age-appropriate development, like motor skills. Due to their understanding of how reading and numeracy relate to their surroundings, children are fully engaged in their learning process.


To add even more hands-on learning to their curricula, several of these preschools plan frequent field trips.


All youngsters are curious, according to the philosophy at Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse, which guides their instructional strategy. As a result, they have chosen an inquiry-based strategy for early childhood education that includes both play and preparation for school. With such a strategy, a youngster can feel secure enough in their surroundings to be challenged and have their learning capacity stretched.


student-teacher ratio

With roughly 15 children to one teacher plus a teacher-aide for the younger children and 20–25 children to one teacher for the older children, kindergarten schools have a slightly higher student-teacher ratio than daycare centers.


The lower the class size in a daycare facility, the younger the children. The ECDA childcare for preschools specifies this.


How do I choose the finest preschool for my kids in Singapore?

Based on the details on this page, you might find it useful to make a list of every requirement you have for a preschool. Then, make appointments to see the preschools that meet your needs.


With 8 locations spread out around the island, Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse offers programmes for early childhood development, preschool, and newborn care. Find a campus that is close to your house or place of employment to start.


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