CBSE Curriculum: The Parents’ First Choice in Pune

The Central Board of Secondary Education is undoubtedly India’s most popular curriculum choice. The NCERT syllabus is followed by this national level board, which is governed by the Government of India. The CBSE curriculum is used in thousands of private and public schools across the country as the most popular board. Furthermore, CBSE is linked with over 200 schools in twenty-eight international nations.

The search for the finest CBSE school begins when the child is a toddler. Some parents begin looking for schools while their child is only a few months old! There are various reasons why parents feel at ease and happy with CBSE as their first option. Also search for the schools in Hadapsar.

  • CBSE’s approach to education is comprehensive, encompassing knowledge growth for pupils of all ages.
  • It provides the appropriate quantity of instruction for the child’s age. It is neither excessively demanding nor lacking in the type of learning it imparts.
  • CBSE adapts learning to the age and IQ levels of the students.
  • Students feel less pressurised with the CBSE curriculum since the curriculum is more participatory and enjoyable.
  • The board discourages rote learning. One of CBSE’s greatest assets is conceptualised learning.
  • The CBSE curriculum provides a good foundation for students who aspire to pursue higher education at IITs and IIMs. The majority of preliminary examinations in these top universities are based on the NCERT syllabus, providing CBSE students an advantage.
  • The curriculum is intended to provide academic understanding, physical and mental development, and social awareness.
  • The CBSE curriculum is adaptable and diverse. It provides youngsters with well-rounded learning and a sense of confidence.


Guidelines to Make Choosing the Best CBSE School Easier

At the outset of each academic year, parents go into a frenzy as they begin the school-searching process. After they’ve decided on a CBSE school, the task becomes more difficult because there are so many additional factors to consider. Also find the best nursery school near me

We have collected the following criteria to assist parents in narrowing down their search for the finest CBSE school for their children.


Affiliation confirmation

Many new schools boast of being linked with the CBSE board. This is a clumsy ploy to entice unsuspecting parents and pupils. Parents must work much harder to ensure that the school follows the NCERT curriculum. The association must be genuine.


How evaluations are made.

The CBSE curriculum divides the academic year into two semesters, and students’ achievements are documented as Formative Assessments and Summative Assessments. The school that parents are searching for should conduct an evaluation procedure that is safe, open, and honest. In this case, talking to the school’s parents and pupils is the greatest approach to get information.


Options for a second language

In India, almost 18,000 schools are affiliated with the CBSE board. Schools in several states provide disciplines and languages based on their zones. It is critical to understand what second language options are available at the school. Until the upper secondary level, the curriculum is very consistent across the country.


Importance in terms of total development.

Any school that follows the “all work and no play” approach cannot be considered successful. The school must place equal emphasis on activities that develop the child’s physical and mental abilities. Parents must determine if the school will encourage their child’s participation in sports, arts, and other extracurricular activities. While the CBSE board promotes group discussions and team-building exercises, it is up to the school to ensure that these requirements are strictly followed.


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