Safety Measures For Your Jewelry Store This Festive Season

Safety Measures For Your Jewelry Store This Festive Season

The holiday season is critical for the success of jewellery business owners. During these times, the jewellery stores experience an influx of customers looking for the perfect gifts to put under their trees. With increased foot traffic and sales, now is the best time to focus on in-store security and maximize alertness. Unfortunately, a store full of customers and a peak shopping period can’t prevent robbers from threatening you with a gun or breaking your showcase with sledgehammers. When thieves have targeted stores filled with customers during several holiday seasons, there is no guarantee they will stop. Therefore, Godrej has provided significant safety measures for jewellery business owners this festive season.

Be Mindful At The Checkout

When locking up or opening the store, it’s essential to be mindful of the onlookers. This is important, especially when entering the PIN or any electronic signature used to lock the store. Also, ensure all customers leave the store before starting to keep things away for the night. Finally, once you have decided its closing time, don’t let any customers in the store or before you open to the public.

Double Check Identifications During Transactions

Most clients tend to pay through in-store credit or credit card transactions during jewellery purchases; before handing over the package, it’s vital to ask for supporting identifications and check them carefully. Some purchases could be suspicious. For instance, someone from a different country or state buys an expensive piece of jewellery in your store on credit.

Teach The Employees An Innocent Code Word

Dealing with robbers needs utmost precautions. Any form of agitation could escalate things pretty fast. As a result, you need to establish a code word or phrase that, when used, warns of a suspicious individual or situation. Once the code word is sounded, someone can leave to call the police and wait for them to arrive. Meanwhile, the other associates can help should anything come up.

Show Only One Item At A Time

The festive seasons are always busy, with people rushing to get the best deals or pick the best pieces. As a result, you may have a shop full of customers in your hands with the hope of making huge sales. Investing in Godrej safe for jewellery shop is the best option during such moments. This will allow you to remove one piece at a time while the rest remain secure in the safe. This will help reduce losses that could result from grab-and-run thieves.

Secure The Openings, And Closings

Openings and closings are crucial moments for your jewellery business. And festive seasons being busy, it’s best to assign at least two people to handle the opening and closing together. One person opens up in the morning or whenever the store opens and then conducts a thorough search to ensure everything is where it should be. While doing this, the other associates and customers should stay at a safe distance. If the associate who opened encounters anything, they should call the police. The same procedure should be carried out in the evening when closing time.

Increase Security

During heavy traffic, jewelry store owners usually invest in multiple additional security upgrades. For instance, investing in CCTVs and video surveillance with the best real-time image coverage removes all display items at night. Moreover, you can also get the best Godrej safe lockers near you, place all the jewelry inside, and put a passcode only known to you.

Get A Jewelry Store Property Insurance

Business insurance is always a saver, especially in such cases. You might invest in the best security measures to protect the jewellery store. However, there still might be some losses. It’s best always to have the last mile plan to help get the business back on track after a loss. Property insurance is the best option, especially in the form of a shop, and content remains the most viable option. Most insurance companies don’t include valuable items like jewellery in their covers. However, these are trade goods for a jewellery shop, and thus, they can be insured. However, it’s best to get the kind of insurance policy specially designed for jewelers.

Identify Casing

The casing is a form of surveillance robbers use before robbing a joint. Most jewellery store crimes involve casing. Lookout for individuals who seem to be trying to locate the surveillance cameras and alarm systems. Sometimes they might be in the shop, trying to avoid the sales persons. If a customer doesn’t seem genuine to you, note their occurrences and share them with the other employees. 

Festive holidays may be a time for making merry, sharing, and spending time with family and friends. However, for jewellery store owners, it’s also a time to be vigilant. Therefore, these safety measures should help jewellery store owners keep their merchandise safe while maintaining open customer interactions. If you are interested in getting yourself the best Godrej safe for your jewellery shop, make sure to go through the Godrej locker price list and pick the one best suited to your needs.

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