How to Select Push Button Light Switches

How to Select Push Button Light Switches

Different types of switches serve a wide range of purposes. Push button light switches are essential for operating machinery and other appliances in every home or industry. They are used to operate lights, fans, appliances, window coverings, garage doors, or outside lighting. Their function is to control the flow of electricity from a home’s electrical panel to an attached light source by opening and shutting a circuit. Here is what to consider when choosing a push button light switch.

What is a Push Button?

Push-button switches are commonly used to regulate operations in machines and other systems. Push switches, or push buttons, are important in the home and commercial.

The push button can be flat or shaped to the user’s hand, depending on its material. Different button switches, such as momentary and latching types, are available.

What is the use of a push button switch?

Push-button switches of Apiele are useful for more than just turning on and off lights; they also have many other domestic, industrial, and commercial applications. You can use pushbutton switches in a variety of contexts. For instance, a stop button (emergency switch) is typically large, bright red, and easy to see. On a calculator, pressing the button can trigger some actions. Other uses are:

  • Shower systems
  • Light switches
  • Toilet Flushes
  • Reset switches
  • Stopping heavy industrial machinery
  • Arcade Gaming

What to Consider When Selecting a Push Button Light Switch


The intended use will determine the best model of a push button switch to purchase. For instance, a push button switch built into the control panel should be an open type to indicate that power is on. A cursor type is suitable where the controlled device’s status needs to be displayed. If there is a need to prevent accidental activation by staff or an anti-corrosion type, or if the area contains corrosive gases, the key-operated type is the best option.


Choose the push button switch’s color following the application requirements and status indication. For instance, the “Start” button can be any of the three acceptable shades of white, gray, or black, though white and green are the clear favorites. The red button is the emergency stop button. The emergency stop button should be either black or red, but other colors are acceptable.

Number of Switches

Make your choice of pushbutton switches based on the control loop’s requirements. Multiple pushbutton switches are available, including single, double, and triple toggles.

Design of Switch

Many push buttons have multiple button configurations. You can go for a design with personalized details, but the standard black ones are also available if you prefer not to have this.

Advantages of Push Button Switches

There are two materials used for the push buttons: metal and plastic. The development of push-button switches makes operating machines easier. Also, they have revolutionized the design and efficiency of switches, making them more convenient and user-friendly. Some benefits of using pushbutton switches include the following:

  •  Push button switches require less space on a panel or machine.
  • They are now much sturdier and more user-friendly.
  • The buttons are compact, making them easy to use in any setting.
  • Because the controls are hardwired into the machine or switchboard, they are difficult to steal.
  • As opposed to other types of switches, the push buttons are relatively cheaper
  • The buttons are resistant to high voltages and short circuits and cannot be easily damaged, but they still break.
  • The buttons resist high voltages and short circuits and cannot be easily damaged.

Take Away

It’s important to be specific when selecting a button, as poorly designed switches can disrupt the functioning of the connected circuits and even pose a safety risk. Don’t put yourself in danger by using a cheaply made remote control.

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