Black Gothic Grubs In Johor Bahru (Malaysia)

Black Gothic Grubs In Johor Bahru (Malaysia)


We are still trying to get our taste buds to accept the rainbow food trend, but the latest trend to hit Instagram is about going dark. Squid Ink or Charcoal food is not a new idea, but they have been popularized recently due to their many health benefits.


Here’s a list of black gothic grubs from Johor Bahru.


1.OLEG by gCafe (Charcoal Burger).

The Johor Bahru City square is where you will find OLEG By gCafe. This fast-food restaurant was founded by the people behind Mount Austin’s gCafe. It is located on the third floor of the mall, next to GONG CHA. This fast food restaurant can be easily identified by its striking orange-white interior design.


They are priced at an unbelievable price and offer more choices than the fast food options in Singapore and Malaysia. The Chicken or Beef Patty Charcoalburger Meal is the most popular ‘black food’ at OLEG by gCafe.


Sandwiched between the toasted charcoal bread buns are a variety of food ingredients, including fresh lettuce leaves, cheese, cucumber slices, tomato slices, and fried egg. Although the charcoal buns themselves taste simple, the sesame seeds are added to the surface.


The beef or chicken patty, on the other hand is very juicy and flavorful. The meat patties are grilled on a hot sizzling pan to preserve the meat juices and give them a slightly charred appearance. Their burgers are deliciously satisfying with the aroma of meat juice exploding everywhere.


Order their O’Crispy Fried Chicken Burger and you’ll find that the battered chicken patties are perfectly fried to a golden crispy texture, while still retaining their juiciness. Although it looks similar to a Zinger Burger from KFC it tastes completely different.


You can also customize your charcoal burgers by choosing the type of sauces and ingredients you prefer. It is recommended that you have the wasabi mayo sauce if you like spicy foods. The wasabi mayo will enhance the flavor of your burger, giving it an extra kick.


2.Mrs. 2.Mrs.

This cafe is perfect for minimalist and white cafe lovers. The spacious interior features a whitewash brick wall on one side, which serves as a backdrop to the wooden communal table. On the opposite side are the marble tables and sofas in green. This cafe is ideal for small groups of two to four people who want afternoon tea.


They also offered desserts from the darker side, such as The Charcoal Waffle. Their Charcoal Waffle can be served as a sweet dessert, and the waffle comes with vanilla soft serve.


Charcoal waffles do not contain strong activated charcoal flavors. Instead, they have a mild vanilla aroma with some sweetness from the granulate syrup used in the preparation of the batter. This dessert was actually sweetened by the vanilla soft-serve topped with the charcoal waffle. This black gothic grub is available in Johor Bahru.


This combination of crispy and icy makes it a great dessert to cool down on a hot day.


3.Sunflower Bakery & Cafe (Charcoal Sweet Potato Mochi Buns and Charcoal Egg Mayo Toast)

Sunflower Bakery & Cafe can be described as a combination cafe/bakery. The cafe and bakery serve their customers their unique breads, pastries, and savory meals. These delicacies can only be made by hand, and are free from artificial flavouring or colouring.


Their cafe menus and bakery products have never disappointed anyone over the years. Customers often return to their cafes to try their new menus.


Sunflower Bakery & Cafe serves delicious Charcoal Sweet Potato Mchi Buns to all of their customers upon their visits to the cafe. This charcoal mochi bun is soft and fluffy despite its black appearance. The sweet potato mashes and fillings in this mochi bun are generous, so they can keep you full all day.


The Charcoal Sweet Potato Molchi Buns are high in fibre. The activated charcoal powder that is used in the preparation helps promote digestion and detoxification.


You can also try their Charcoal Egg Mayo toast if you’re a morning person, or before you go to work. Their breakfast toast will make your mornings more productive with its delicious Charcoal Toast and Fresh Egg With Mayonnaise topping. This unique black gothic grub is available in Johor Bahru.


Although this breakfast menu may seem simple, it’s best when paired with a hot cup of black coffee or tea. It is only available from 9AM to 11:15AM.


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