I went to a fitness conference two years ago to become recertified in group exercise. A lady at the meeting wore purple flip-flops. They were cushioned and comfy. Intrigued, I questioned her about her Oofos shoes and flip flops.

I investigated Oofos recovery shoes online after the conference and ordered a pair. Since then, I’m hooked to Oofos’ comfort and foam technology. I hope this Oofos review was helpful. Discount available on Oofos coupon code.

I possess Oofos shoes and flip-flops. Both are comfy and useful. For anyone with joint concerns (like myself) or seeking for plantar fasciitis shoes (like my husband, Ken).


Four shoemakers started Oofos in 2011. Together with a foam chemist, they developed OOfoamTM. The creators tested OOfoamTM on real-life runners and joint pain sufferers.

According to their research, Oofos footwear and sandals absorb 37% more impact than standard foam. OOfoamTM and a unique foot-bed design alleviate stress on hips, knees, ankles, and feet. Athletes use the sneakers to recuperate post-workout. This Oofos review is very self-explanatory.


Since I underwent hip labral tear surgery in April 2018, I’ve been hunting for supportive, shock-absorbing shoes for hip discomfort. Oofos shoes are light, simple to put on and take off, cushioned, and comfy.

My damaged labrum and hip wear might cause early hip arthritis. Oofos footwear absorb stress from hard surfaces. These shoes might help arthritis sufferers. Since of the foam cushioning and because they don’t need lacing.


After a long day or exercise, the Oofos footwear are extremely comfy. After a hard day, it’s so pleasant to put on my shoes. Arch support spreads weight over the foot.

Women’s Oofos sneakers come in neutral hues like grey or black and bright colors like pink, blue, and orange. Your shoes add 2 inches. So much foam and cushioning! Despite being 6′, I adore feeling taller.


These shoes are good for folks who are on their feet all day, have aching joints, or want cloud-like foot alleviation. I wear a women’s 11 or 11.5, and the 12 fits nicely.


Ken is a known “item swipe,” so I got purple Oofos. I assumed the “woman color” would deter him from wearing my shoes because we wear comparable sizes. When I got home, he was wearing my purple flip-flops. So we ordered him a pair…in black.

Oofos footwear and flip flops are built with OOfoamTM, so they absorb shock. We wear Oofos from May to September and on warm-weather vacations.


My fave flip-flops. I appreciate the comfort, color, and long-lasting wear. I’m excited to order one of Oofos’ new hues.

I’ve walked Disney World, Mexico, and Boston easily. I appreciate how supportive and cushioned they are for walking, bicycling, and lounging.


Even after wearing footwear every day for weeks at a time in warm weather, I have never observed that they smelled bad, despite the fact that they can be machine washed. About eighteen months have passed since we first got our sandals.

We each walk at least 10,000 steps every day on average, and they’ve held up well. They seem to have retained their initial levels of padding and support.


The flip-flops from are available in a wide range of hues, including purple, pink, black, silver, and navy. If you don’t like the feel of a standard flip flop, they also have a sandal called Oofos that is more like a slide.

As regards sizing, I found that ordering up was best for the shoes, but that the flip flops either ran true to size or were a little big. The men’s size 9 I got fit my size 11 foot well.


I underwent hip surgery, thus the fact thats alleviate stress on my surgically repaired hip is very welcome. However, Ken suffers from plantar fasciitis, therefore he’s constantly looking for the finest footwear for plantar fasciitis. Because they were so comfortable, he stole my purple flip flops from me.


The footwear, he claims, are so comfortable it’s like he’s walking on air. Solely because his shoes disperse his weight evenly throughout his whole foot, he is not experiencing any localized pain.

When it comes to walking shoes for plantar fasciitis, he recommends Oofos sandals. Both Disney World and exotic trips have been traversed in his sandals. For those who suffer from plantar fasciitis, they provide a lot of cushioning and support.


I can’t wait for the day when he finally chooses to take possession of my shoes for good. Already he has worn them around the house and proclaimed them one of the greatest shoes for plantar fasciitis he has ever tried.


Leave a comment below letting me know whether you tried a pair of Oofos shoes or sandals because of this review and what you thought! If you decide to give them a try, I’d appreciate it if you’d report back to me. Is your foot suffering from plantar fasciitis or do you have joint pain? If so, you need the finest shoes for such conditions.

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We can’t imagine life without our trusty pair of recovery shoes, and we’re certain you will feel the same way.


“OOFOS’ purpose is to help people feel better. Since 2010, we’ve supported and enhanced athletic performance via recuperation,” says President Steve Gallo. “The Raiders have utilized OOFOS for years. We’re excited to join the team’s rehabilitation programed. This partnership highlights the importance of active rehabilitation for elite athletes.”


As part of the sponsorship, OOFOS will provide footwear for the organization to encourage rehabilitation. OOFOS footwear will be offered in select Raider Image retail locations. An integrated media and marketing campaign will educate customers and fans about OOFOS Active Recovery footwear for athletes and active persons.


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