Your complete guide to Stacker Doors

Your complete guide to Stacker Doors

It has been a decade since the trend of bringing the outside in has been prevalent in modern home layouts. This is mainly because most of the homeowners, especially those with large back gardens, want to experience a sense of unity with nature right from the comfort of their couch. Aluminum Stacker Doors in Melbourne has become an extended standard feature in modern homes, and find wide applications in office buildings with open-plan layouts or courtyards. Here is a complete guide to this timeless and trendy solution.

What are Aluminum Stacker Doors?

Aluminum Stacker Doors are folding doors that are made of multiple panels that slide and stack away near one or two sides, depending on the largeness of the entryway. These doors are ten times better than the standard aluminum sliding doors. Stacker Doors in Melbourne are typically made in the same way as the standard aluminum siding doors which allows the entry of sufficient light into a space. They are considered the perfect entryway transition between indoor and outdoor spaces, which is why they are incredibly popular among homeowners who entertains themselves on a regular basis.

Aluminum Stacker Doors Designs

Talking about the design aspect, you have got two options available for stacker doors that are supplied by a Door Supplier in Melbourne- framed and frameless.

Framed Aluminum Stacker Doors

 Framed Stacker Doors in Melbourne are also known as folding, bi-fold, or concertina doors. These aluminum doors work well to merge indoor and outdoor living spaces. The door panels can fold and slide thus making it effortless to open and store stacked to one side, and entirely cleaning the entryway. The stacker doors are made of several glass panels that are encased by durable aluminum frames. Like all other aluminum frames, these frames are available in a range of colors and finishes, which makes them the perfect addition to any space.

Frameless Aluminum Stacker Doors

They are more or less the same as their framed counterpart. The only difference is that the frameless counterparts are made up of multiple glass panels that can easily fold and slide behind one another. In this way, they completely open up a living space and entryway. What is unique about these door systems supplied by a Door Supplier in Melbourne is that it does not contain frames that can separate their glass panels.

This not only ensures an uninterrupted view but also creates a feeling of openness. Frameless Stacker Doors in Melbourne are easy to use, secure and versatile. Being highly customizable, they are a perfect addition to both commercial and residential spaces. They are also available in a range of colors that can complement the aesthetic of any space.

The advantages of Aluminum Stacker Doors

Installation of both framed and frameless Aluminum Stacker Doors in Melbourne comes with several perks. Some of them are:

(1) Security: Stacker Doors in Melbourne are made from tempered safety glass. Thus, both framed and frameless stacker door systems are shatter-proof, safe, and durable. These doors come with an A-grade lock and connection system that plays a crucial role in improving the security of your home, office, or shop.

(2) Versatility: Stacker Doors supplied by a Door Supplier in Melbourne are highly customizable and thus can elevate the visual appeal of the space they are installed in. Talking of the customizable elements of these door systems, they include their finishing, colors, and hardware.

(3) Functionality: Stacker Doors in Melbourne are durable, weather-proof, and rust-resistant and require minimal maintenance. Thus, they can provide an effective and highly functional barrier for any space.

(4) Aesthetic Appeal: Stacker doors which are supplied by a Door Supplier in Melbourne, besides being available in a wide variety of colors and finishes, are predominantly made of glass, which ensures an uninterrupted view. It goes without saying that these frameless glass solutions are the perfect choice for homes. These doors can also create an open, comfortable, and inviting atmosphere which makes them incredibly practical for commercial use.

How much do Aluminum Stacker Doors in Melbourne cost?

Here, you should know that no two aluminum door solutions are made equal. And since the stacker doors supplied by a Door Supplier in Melbourne are customizable, you will not get a one-size-fits-all sort of price list. The same thing goes for the labor cost involved in the installation process.

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Final Take:

If you are planning to install Stacker Doors in Melbourne, first get a quick quote from a trusted seller so that you get an idea of what to expect to budget. Perform thorough research and choose the door system that will cater to your requirements.


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