Why Select a metal signs customized for Your Company

Why Select a metal signs customized for Your Company

Why Select a metal signs customized for Your Company

The metal signs customized that so many Toronto businesses adore are a great option when considering what kind of sign to design and install for your company. Metal signs are all about making distinctive first impressions and giving your company a presence. They may be imprinted with your logo, look fantastic, and last for a very long time. To make them more visible at night, you can even add lights. Here, we examine the benefits of selecting a metal sign for your establishment.


Exterior signs can be damaged by the weather in Ontario. A metal sign, on the other hand, can endure anything that mother nature can dish out. Your metal sign is Canada-tough and will withstand exposure to nature’s worst conditions, including below-freezing temperatures in the winter and intolerable heat and humidity in the summer. It will also be resistant to ice, sleet, rain, and hail. Additionally, because they are heavier, they can endure high winds.

Resilient to Rust

There is no reason to be concerned that a metal sign will corrode. Choose aluminum or stainless steel since they are rust-resistant and will continue to look good for a long time. This is due to the fact that although aluminum has its own built-in protection since it uses oxygen to generate a natural oxide that prevents oxidation, stainless steel is treated to prevent rust and corrosion.

polished and professional

Metal signage gives your firm a polished, professional feel. This makes metal a fantastic choice for law firms, advertising agencies, marketing firms, healthcare providers, and more. Metal is a wonderful place to start if you want to increase the visibility of your practice.

many types of metal

Although we listed two common metals for outside signs, there are many other options available, particularly for inside signage. By choosing brass, bronze, or even copper, you can produce a more distinctive appearance and a different metal tone. Depending on the metal you select, this enables you to produce rustic, classic, conventional, or edgy tones.

Utilizes Other Materials Well

Metals can be used with other materials to produce a unique appearance. A personalized metal sign can be created to match your brand using anything from stone to plastic to lights to wood. Even more, options are available to you when making an inside sign, such as metal. As an illustration, you may use metal as the background and place your logo on lights, vinyl, other metals, or wood. You can add color, use contrast to make a statement, and get creative with your logo and phrase.

For use with contemporary digital and illuminated signs

Metal gives off an edgy, contemporary, and urban vibe, particularly when combined with digital features or lighting. Depending on the kind of business you run, you can create a colorful, eye-catching sign or do something more understated.

Low-cost Aluminum

If you choose aluminum for your signage, you’ll also discover that it is not only incredibly economical but also very sturdy. While using a more flexible, simple-to-install, and cost-effective material, you can obtain a look that is close to stainless steel.

Aluminum is lightweight.

Aluminum is your greatest choice if you want something that is lighter. They are now simpler to install and can be used in a variety of settings. Although striking, stainless steel and wood signs might be more expensive to instal because of their weight. Additionally, there may be restrictions on where you can install certain materials.

A Wide Variety of metal signs customized Types

When selecting a metal sign, you have three basic options,

  1. Dimensional signs: You can use different pieces and “layers” of metal, frequently cut from aluminum, to create 3D metal designs. The layers can be constructed with layers as well as with varied colors, powder coatings, or finishes to give them a 3D aspect when they are layered.

  2. Letters: Custom-cut letters are used in metal letter signs, which you may mount directly on the wall. They can be made with numerous layers to provide extra interest, making them a type of 3D sign. Aluminum or stainless steel are the two materials used most frequently for letter signs, while more elaborate designs may feature material detailing of many kinds.

  3. Flat signs: This is a cost-effective option that enables you to personalize your sign for a straightforward message like your company name and emblem.

Various Finishes

Metal, as was previously said, is incredibly adaptable, enabling you to alter the look with various finishes. For an etched effect, you can create contrast by using one finish on the background and another on the letters. With powder coating, multiple colors can be used. A highly polished surface can produce a mirror image, whereas brushed metal has an appealing appearance. There are countless ways to employ finishes to give your metal sign a unique appearance. Your finish also gives an additional layer of weather resistance for external signage.

Permanent Metal

Depending on the design and quality, metal signs customized have a very long lifespan. For instance, if you choose an uncoated sign, its lifespan may be three years; but, if you choose a protective coating, its lifespan may be up to ten years. Many metal sign designs, however, can endure for years outside. Depending on the location where you intend to install your metal sign, New Style Signs can help you choose the appropriate finish.

Multiple Uses

Metal signs are ideal for multiple scenarios, including:

  • Real estate

  • Contractors

  • Commercial

  • Marine

  • New business

  • Directional

  • Informational

  • POP displays

  • Industrial

  • Safety signs

  • Corporate

  • Construction

  • Parking lots

  • Trailers

  • Exterior walls

  • Street signs

  • Gates

  • Fences

Are metal signs customized Your Thing? Call New Style Signs today

You can see that a metal sign is a great option for your company. Our team of metal sign specialists at New Style Signs will design and create your sign utilizing a fail-safe procedure. We can mount your logo on any type of background application after having it carved out of stainless steel, bronze, or any other metal of your choosing. We can work with you to produce any metal sign you can imagine, whether you decide on formal, metallic lettering or pick a striking, two-tone design.


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