Traveling europe countries On a budget

Traveling europe countries On a budget


Planning a trip to Europe can be a daunting task. You’ve got the itinerary, the packing list, and now you’re trying not to break your budget on everything from traveler photos food to transportation. You might be wondering how much it all costs to travel on the continent—and if you’re looking for ways to stay within your budget or even save some money (no shame). I’ll give you some tips on how to do just that!

Travel during the “off” season.

The off season is the best time to travel Europe. The weather is usually better, the crowds are smaller, and you’ll have more time to enjoy your surroundings.

Travel in groups.

Traveling in groups is ideal if you want to save money. You can split the cost of accommodation, transportation and food, as well as activities and souvenirs.

If you’re traveling with a group of friends or family members, it’s easy to split up expenses like these between everyone involved. You may also want to talk about how much each person contributes towards their part of the trip so that everyone knows what they’re signing up for financially before going on the trip (and not after).

Stay in hostels.

Hostels are another way to save money. They’re cheaper than hotels, and they also offer a fun social experience.

Hostels usually have more people staying in them than hotels, so you can meet lots of new people and make friends faster. Sometimes there will be groups or clubs where you can join! You’ll usually get a discount if you stay at an affiliated hostel (which means that it is owned by the same company).

Cook at home as much as possible.

As a traveler, you should always cook at home as much as possible. There are several reasons for this:

  • Cooking at home is cheaper than eating out! You can save money by cooking your own meals and only going to restaurants when it’s necessary.
  • Buying food in bulk saves you even more money than buying it individually.
  • Shops like Aldi and Lidl offer great deals on quality products that would normally be expensive if bought elsewhere (and sometimes better-quality products).

Use public transportation.

Public transportation is the best way to get around Europe. The cities are small enough that you can walk everywhere, but there is no reason not to use public transportation. It’s cheap and easy!

  • Use buses, trains and trams
  • Use local trains and buses (if you have a Eurail Pass)

If you are going to be traveling a lot in Europe, we recommend best time to visit jamaica getting a Eurail Pass for around $100 USD per person. This will save you money on your travel expenses because it allows unlimited train travel within the country of which ever pass owner is using at any given time during their trip through Europe-over 3 months worth of travel! You can also use this same pass within neighboring countries like France or Spain as well if desired too..

There are more affordable ways to travel than you might think.

If you’re on a strict budget, it’s important to plan ahead and find the best deals. Here are some ways that travelers can save money while traveling:

  • Traveling with friends. If you want to do more than just sight-see, consider traveling with someone else. It’ll be easier to split the cost of a hostel or hotel room if there are 3 of you instead of 2 people splitting one bill for two nights at an expensive place (and then having to figure out how much money each person should pay). Also, if one person is going off-season and plans on sleeping in public transportation during their stay in Europe, having another person along could allow them access into new destinations without paying for lodging costs associated with travel.


I hope these tips have helped you get your feet wet and get ready for some awesome adventures. It’s a great time to go on a trip, so make it count!

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