Transforming Careers and Branching Out

Transforming Careers and Branching Out

If you have ever felt that everyday routine work does not challenge your capabilities and just maybe, opting for a career change would make things better, then you are not the only one. For different reasons, there are many people who are not satisfied with the idea of staying in their current career and desire to pursue something different.

Although, there is a small issue that they end up facing once they arrive at that conclusion – the fear of transitioning from one career to the other. Many end up hesitating to initiate these decisions – and we can understand why.

It is not easy to work your way up the corporate ladder, only to find out you want to move somewhere different and start from square one. It takes time to establish a career and it is hard to move away from all that to start something new. But what if you started with baby steps? You already have the skill set to survive in a work environment – all you need is the experience to learn something new that you are passionate about and thrive in an environment that really brings out the true potential in you.

If you are curious to know about the effectiveness of such an approach, then the best thing to do is to reach out to professionals who were just like you and in their own way, found a solution that worked best for them. Consider looking into the work life of Steve Wollett – a highly acclaimed American Army veteran, fashion designer, author, director, and producer who also serves as the founder of the Furious Nerd Productions. Many of you might even know him for his amazing work behind directing and producing “And Now a Word From a Gamer” and “Jack Be Nimble.”

During the years of the Panama invasion and the Desert Storm, Wollet held an amateur radio licence and served as the radio Technician in the United States army. He also served as a land surveyor, a paramedic, herbalist, and alternative healthcare consultant for many companies over the years. As a former volunteer firefighter and paramedic, Wollet worked with refugees on the Polish side of the border and rescued a number of people in Ukraine.

In 2013, he founded Nerd Rage News as a simple blog which eventually turned into a vertically integrated company that created and distributed content, plus intellectual property across various platforms. In time, his journalistic feats led to his directorial debut of “And Now a Word From a Gamer ”, which stars Frank Mentzer, Mike Pondsmith, and Tim Kask. The film received a massive positive response from the crowd and eventually went on to win a series of awards in 17 countries.

He has also won awards for his feature film called, “Socal Distance” in 2020. He has also worked on other films such as, “Words,” “Wolf Attack,” and “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”. Wollett is also considered a revered author of numerous books and has created a number of nerd-inspired shoe lines. Additionally, being a connoisseur of film, has made him an available member at 16 film festivals around the world.

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