The Top Five Fantasy-Themed Escape Rooms

The Top Five Fantasy-Themed Escape Rooms


Would you desire to dive into a world of escape games where your childhood fantasies are brought to life? Yep, that certainly the case! Want to know how? Get along with us in this blog. 

Escape rooms are always part fun and part adventure on the first note, and as you grow in learning and linking the clues better you decipher new challenges and learn that it’s a roller coaster of cognitive & critical thinking in itself.  

The finest escape rooms for fantasy-themed experience will be covered in length on this writing piece. With the finest ratings and a solid track record for excellence, these escape chambers are our most reliable ones. 

The Overgrown 

You play post-apocalyptic inhabitants in this escape room. It has been at least an hour since the raiders, who usually frequent the office location, left. This is your opportunity to enter and discover what they are concealing. 

To uncover what they are concealing from you and your team, you are under time pressure and must solve a number of challenging riddles. This space is ideal for business gatherings and escape game dates! 


  • Although all ages are welcome, the puzzles are only intended for those who are at least 12 years old. 
  • The cost of this escape game is $40.00 for parties of 3-6 individuals and $50.00 for teams of 2 individuals. 
  • Sci-Fi and mystery are the themes of this escape room. 
  • Difficult riddles that demand more difficult thinking than normal. 
  • The longest time for the escape game is 1 hour. 


Christmas at Franklin’s 

Ben Franklin’s strongest toy innovation has General Santa Clause in this holiday-themed The Escape Game New Orleans instructing Seal Team Elf-A to steal it from Franklin’s home. 

This brand-new Revolutionary Christmas escape game is officially offered by Escape Room Era and is sure to make everyone smile. Use an exciting adventure in with a December theme to enter into the Christmas spirit. 


  • Up to 9 individuals can fit in the room, but all participants must be over the age of 18. 
  • The cost of this escape room is $40 per participant. 
  • Imagination and intrigue are the themes of this escape room. 
  • You’ll be excited and challenged by these puzzles. 
  • The maximal time for the escape adventure is 60 minutes. 


The Ultimate Heist 

You’ve mingled with the erroneous crowd, and now you need to make good on your loan! In order to dismantle it, the crowd expects you to grant their demands. Before it becomes too late, you need one hour to find a valuable artefact kept in the bank basement. Are you capable of committing The Ultimate Bank Heist? 


  • All participants must be 18 years of age or older and the room can hold up to 10 people. 
  • The concept of this escape room is action-packed and adventurous. 
  • The longest limit for the escape activity is 1 hour. 


Magician’s Apprentice 

This describes how you ended up in a location full of magical objects but without the ability to manipulate many of them. It might be a trial from the Grand Wizard, a race against time to get a certain object, a daring break-in where you try to seize something from your powerful instructor, or even just a bad situation. However, is there really much to complain about when you’re imprisoned in a house filled with imaginary items? 

Mythical Escape 

Breakout sessions Like Mythical Escapes, Rochester is constantly searching for new methods to enhance the player engagement by integrating elements like high-tech interfaces with chamber elements and creative prop rearrangement. 

The game’s captivating plot, challenges, and activities, and also the room layout, illumination, and audio effects, will draw you in and keep you there. Every participant of the team will also feel compelled to join and contribute their all as you battle against time to do your assignment and depart the room. 

Ancient Egypt Escape 

Participants solve the riddles to discover the ancient tomb’s mystery utilizing their own understanding or the materials provided in the reference section. Players use their previous knowledge, website sources, and reasoning to solve riddles in this KS2 resource, which centralizes lessons on Ancient Egypt. Ancient Egypt, Tutunkhamun, Cleopatra, and the tale of Isis and Osiris are among topics covered in the quiz. 

Monsters Escape Room 

With this escape space adventure, confront some spooky monsters. The teammates must solve puzzles to locate the key and unleash the door in order to flee the monsters. Each challenge is unique and will assign a number to each player. These figures will be essential for solving the puzzle when the activity is finished. 


Check out one of our fantasy escape rooms if you enjoy fantasy literature and cinema. Anyone who walks into the magical worlds will find intriguing fantasy designs and exhilarating adventures. Can your skills cast a spell breaker in an hour in these fantasy world of escapes? Try and know yourself! 



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