The Greatest Hotel in the World

The Greatest Hotel in the World

The “greatest” hotel in the world, just looking at these words has successfully aroused everyone’s curiosity. This hotel is the Peninsula Hotel in New York. If there is anything special about this hotel, it is luxury. Save with Travelodge nhs discount code.

It has won the AAA Five-Diamond Award, the highest honor for American hotels, for 13 consecutive years. Surrounded by luxury giants, anyway, the guests it receives are not ordinary people, either rich or expensive. 

This hotel, originally called the Gotham Hotel, was built in 1905, but unfortunately it only lasted for 3 years before it went bankrupt.

It is rumored that because it is too close to the Presbyterian church, there is no way to obtain a liquor license, it cannot attract tourists, and daily operations are difficult to sustain.

Later, it was bought by an insurance company in 1930, and the operation was still half-dead, and even if many public spaces of the hotel were demolished and rented out for sale, it was still unable to achieve profitability.

Later, in 1979, it was taken over by the owner of a Swiss hotel, and the overall renovation was carried out, adding a swimming pool and a fitness center.

It was just powerless to build a high-end hotel. In 1987, it was changed to the Maxim Hotel in Paris to reopen and failed.

It can be said that such a ill-fated hotel can exist today thanks to the Peninsula Hotel Group in Hong Kong, China, which spent 100 million US dollars to acquire and take over, and later managed it carefully to build it into a top international well-known hotel brand today.

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To put it simply, this hotel has repeatedly gone bankrupt in the hands of foreign companies, but it has come back to life in the hands of Chinese companies and completed a magnificent transformation.

Speaking of which, when he took over the hotel, Mr. Michael Kadoorie, the owner of The Peninsula Hotel’s parent company, Hong Kong and Shanghai Hotels Co.

Ltd., was not an authentic Chinese, but he had already joined the Chinese nationality, and the company originally came from Shanghai. It started in Hong Kong and came to Hong Kong later.

Now the company’s headquarters is still registered and listed in Hong Kong, so it is definitely a pure Chinese company.

If you have the opportunity to stay here, you must try the spa here. This is one of the largest spas in New York. It is one of the only 2 5-star spas in New York City selected by Forbes.

Here will tell you what is called Luxurious enjoyment. Of course, the premise is that you have money, and the cheapest room is about 6,000 RMB (including tax), so you still have to choose reasonably according to your spending ability.

To say that there are so many wonders in the world, with the development of tourism, we can see all kinds of hotels and hotels, such as theme hotels, rural luxury homestays, and cultural inns, even if they are built on the seabed or on the edge of a cliff.

Are all made of wood or reinforced concrete, but only incorporate more creative designs. It is really big news to say that the hotel is built with salt in the world.

The hotel made of salt is indeed in the world, and it is located in Bolivia, South America. There is a Uyuni Salt Lake in this area, which is covered with the largest salt layer in the world.

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The entire lake is well preserved, the lake is quiet and bright, and the sky is blue and white, which is very bright. Because of the characteristic salt lake landscape, tourists flock to Uyuni Salt Lake every year. Get TUI Discount Code NHS

Traveling and accommodation is definitely a big problem Travelodge nhs discount code. In order to attract foreign tourists to travel here, and to highlight the local characteristics.

The locals built a salt-themed hotel with the most abundant local salt as raw materials, including the hotel’s outer wall and Many interior decorations, such as tables, bathtubs, handicrafts, etc. are all salt.

The entire hotel used more than 1 million salt bricks. But what I want to explain here is that these salt bricks have been professionally bonded.

Which greatly increases the stickiness between the salt bricks Travelodge nhs discount code. So even if the salt bricks are used to build the roof. There is no need to worry about it collapsing.

Driven by curiosity, many tourists will lick salt bricks with their tongues to taste. Whether they are real salt bricks, but hereby solemnly declare that this method is absolutely not advisable.

Because tongue licking may cause The thinning of the melted salt bricks may eventually lead to insufficient strength of the salt bricks and collapse accidents. Just imagine that there are so many people coming and going in the hotel. 

It won’t be long before the main structure of the hotel collapses. But lack of tables and holes in the bathtub will be a common occurrence.

Therefore, everyone should take good care of the hotel environment. Instead of distinguishing the true from the false. It is better to calm down and enjoy the unique style created by the salt brick hotel.

Open the skylight, look up at the vast starry sky, and experience the steaming sauna. Come to a hearty golf game in the clean and white salt field. And the room fee of 1,000 yuan is absolutely worth living, which is the right answer

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