Terrazzo Tiles: What makes them a popular flooring choice?

Terrazzo Tiles: What makes them a popular flooring choice?

Choosing a flooring type for homes can get tricky due to the wide range of flooring options available in the market. So, if you are looking for an exquisite flooring surface that offers a comforting and contemporary look to your house, terrazzo tiles may be the best option. Terrazzo look tiles have been a popular flooring choice over the years owing to their high versatility and luxury appearance. If you are planning to renovate areas like bathrooms, kitchens, and living spaces, terrazzo tiles may be the right choice for you. The multiple advantages of this flooring type include high durability and unparalleled aesthetic appeal.

What is Terrazzo Flooring?

Terrazzo is a composite material that comprises stone chips of ceramic, marbles, quartz, granite, and glass as well. Available in a wide range of Terrazzo look tiles for floors and walls, the stone chips are poured along with a binder to keep the materials intact. Along with the binding cement, an additional substance also known as polymeric is used to maintain the composition and surface of the floor tiles. Terrazzo flooring is ideal for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Primarily, terrazzo floors were used in commercial setups only. However, they have now become a popular flooring choice among homeowners and are ideal as kitchen and bathroom tiles.

The origin of Terrazzo tiles can be traced long back to Europe when people discovered a technique to repurpose discarded marble chips into a practical flooring choice. Later, this flooring gained popularity across the world and soon became a flooring choice for the wealthy class. Various historic establishments still feature Terrazzo flooring that is undamaged even after years of installation. These floors offer a wide array of design and color customization that gives a bespoke finish and uplifts the space’s aesthetics.

Terrazzo Flooring: The different types

Due to the growing popularity of Terrazzo look tiles, manufacturers have now come up with a wide range of options to shop from. Such flooring can be highly customized in terms of the materials and the bonding methods used. Based on these factors, Terrazzo flooring is available in the following types:

  • Epoxy Terrazzo Flooring: Ideal for indoor flooring, the epoxy terrazzo can be used over both wooden and concrete surfaces. Key characteristics of such flooring include exclusive designs, high durability, and low costs. However, it is important to note that the epoxy terrazzo flooring cannot withstand harsh weather conditions, and therefore, should be used in interior spaces only.
  • Cement Terrazzo Flooring: Popular for its non-slippery and attractive finish, cement terrazzo is ideal for those looking for both durability and aesthetics. These flooring surfaces are high in strength and durability as compared to epoxy terrazzo and work fine for both interiors as well as exterior spaces.
  • Monolithic Terrazzo flooring: Monolithic terrazzo is suitable for large areas like schools and offices that experience heavy footfall and demands cleanliness. Being of supreme quality and high durability, such flooring is easy to clean and a great flooring choice for maintaining hygiene. In addition to these, monolithic terrazzo flooring is highly torn and slip-resistant.
  • Rustic Terrazzo flooring: As the name suggests, rustic terrazzo flooring offers a rough surface that is rich in appeal as well as texture. Suitable for both indoors and outdoors, rustic terrazzo ensures a slip-resistant surface that also facilitates desired facelift in areas like gardens and lawns.
  • Polyacrylate Terrazzo Flooring: The best choice for outdoor areas, polyacrylate terrazzo is made of a mixture that is suitable for extremely harsh weather conditions and is breathable.

Multiple Benefits of Terrazzo Tiles

The benefits of Terrazzo as floor and wall tiles are in abundance. Right from enhancing the contemporary look of your bedroom through its exclusive designs and colors to being the ideal substitute for your old existing bathroom tiles, terrazzo tiles are a versatile flooring choice. Out of the many, some key benefits of terrazzo tiles are discussed as follows:

  • High durability & strength

Being one of the most strongest and durable flooring materials available, nothing beats their high strength and durability. Once installed properly, these floors remain unaffected by any weather factors such as water, dust, stains, or pressure. In case the floor wears off with time, they can be re-done and polished with minimum effort and do not require complete replacements.

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  • Environmental-friendly

Another key advantage of getting terrazzo flooring is the sustainable nature that ranks it as one of the top eco-friendly flooring choices. Terrazzo flooring is made from a mixture of natural aggregates and does not require any fresh natural resources for manufacturing. This flooring came into existence with the concept of repurposing discarded materials such as quartz, marbles, etc.

  • Versatility

Terrazzo look tiles are highly resistant to water and other dust factors, thus, making them a versatile flooring choice across all areas in a house. Whether it’s the kitchen slabs, living room floors, or bathroom walls, terrazzo tiles are an ideal fit for all. They can be installed in both indoor and outdoor areas and continue to last for a longer time period.

Final Note

The multiple advantages and variety of terrazzo tiles make them a popular flooring choice in recent times. Apart from offering high durability and strength, the terrazzo look tiles are very easy to maintain and do not wear off frequently. A great addition to the aesthetic appeal of your property, installing terrazzo flooring offers great value for money.


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