Tata Nexon EV max windshield replacement vs. repair

Tata Nexon EV max windshield replacement vs. repair

You may be the proud owner of a Tata Nexon vehicle! When your vehicle is under manufacturer warranty, you just don’t have to get bothered about any issues occurring with it. You can get free checkups and replacements if issues arise due to some manufacturing problems. But what once the warranty is over? You are on your own and have to spend from your pocket!

Cracked windshield

It is quite natural that you have purchased the vehicle to drive it on the roads which are generally filled with different types of hazards. There are numerous bad roads all over the country that could result in windshield cracks and damage. Fortunately, you can avail of tata Nexon EV max windshield replacement or repair services as the need may be.

Repair or replace?

This is a commonly asked question by almost all vehicle owners. It is a well-known aspect that windshield repairs can be done by spending a few hundred rupees. But replacement will run into thousands. However, you cannot compromise your safety for money! Your life as well as that of your fellow passengers including those on the road are valuable! Hence, take a wise, well-informed decision.

Ask lots of questions

You are likely to have lots of questions in your mind pertaining to the windshield’s present condition. You are to take into account several aspects to decide whether to avail of repair or replacement services. Find out if the windshield is frosted, sandblasted, or badly pitted. Also, get to know the severity and extent of the crack and or damage.

Other things to know

Evaluate if the crack has developed until the windshield’s edge. Find out if the chipped area is more than a quarter. Also check if between the two glass layers of the break area, is there present large de-lamination area. In case you find any of the conditions, then you are advised to choose a replacement. Check for reputed agencies that offer affordable tata Nexon front windshield prices.

Repairing the windshield

Problems that arise with improper installation and low-quality replacement glass can be eliminated by repairing the windshield. Issues like bad or leaking seals and the improper or wrong type of adhesive used can be repaired. Quality repairs will ensure you are able to drive your vehicle without any hiccups or worry. You need to be aware that the law also requires owners to drive only well-maintained vehicles on the roads.

The cost involved in windshield repair

You may want to know the amount you would have to spend to repair a small crack or star break in your windshield. The fact is that different auto glass repair specialists charge different rates. It will be better to do some research and discuss it with them in person. You may take your vehicle to their garage if possible or call them at your place for the evaluation and a free quote.

Other factors that determine repair rates

Also, the cost involved in repairing the windshield depends on however severe the crack or damage is and its length. At the same time, you can also find out the full glass replacement cost for the windshield. The cost charged for replacement depends on your car’s model and make. You need to shelve out more if your vehicle has additional features like a heated windshield, anti-fog, rain sensors, temperature sensors, radio antenna, headlight sensor, etc.

Pros of windshield crack repair

Proper repairs done by the industry specialist will ensure the windshield retains its structural integrity. Remember, quality repair does take some time. There are several processes involved in the repair that the specialists undertake with great precision. They will give special attention to detail, thereby ensuring that the work done by them allows you to drive your vehicle on any type of road with ease.

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Cons of windshield crack repair

The truth is poor quality repairs are only likely to make the windshield become more vulnerable to damage and shattering even in fewer impact cases. The structural integrity of the windshield also gets compromised. Thus, it will not be safe for you to take your vehicle out on the roads. Since the windshield gets partially sealed, it will not be possible to redo poor-quality repairs.

Getting replacement

Frequent travelers are advised to get their cracked or damaged windshield replaced with a new one. Although it might cost a bit more than repairing the old one, you can drive your vehicle for years without having to bother about replacement.


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