Matheran Jungle Camping- Most Beautiful Location

Matheran Jungle Camping- Most Beautiful Location


Matheran Hill Station is located in the Raigad district of Maharashtra in the Western Ghats. It is a really lovely little hill station to visit and enjoy nature in all its glory. The hill station is located about 90 km from Mumbai and about 120 km from Pune.

Matheran camping

Camping in Mathera Yes, that’s right. Matheran Jungle is a popular camping spot and offers the most surreal experience. There are very beautiful flora and fauna near the campsite. You enjoy nature and spend time in its arms.

Greenery is everywhere and camping makes the trip worthwhile and adds a change of pace and scenery to your usual routine.Best to visit in any season. Matheran Camping has all your basic needs in the beautiful surroundings of a forest resort. Enjoy good food, tent stays with proper bedding, games and activities, music and a campfire with your loved ones.

all you need to know

Matheran’s most spectacular jungle camps and excursions are here!

It is known for its mild climate and well-preserved colonial architecture. Automobiles are prohibited, so many arrive on narrow-gauge trains from his 1907 Neralmateran toy train. Panorama Point’s observation deck offers sweeping views of the Western Ghats. Luisa Point offers views of the waterfall and the historic Prabal Fort. The area is known not only for its flora and fauna, but also for its biodiversity, making it an ideal place to spend time in nature. Garvet Point and Alexander Point are his two of the most beautiful spots nearby.

The best part is that Matheran can be visited at any time of the year for a relaxing experience in the summer, staying warm in the winter or experiencing the most beautiful waterfalls in the rainy season.

Don’t forget the toy train, local market and horseback riding experience.

Where is it loacted?

It is a beautiful hill station near the center of Pune, Mumbai, Maharashtra. It is 88 km from Mumbai. 120 km drive from Pune. Your own vehicle, public transport, or other private transportation can also take you to our beautiful campground base. Located in Raigad district. At only 200 meters high, it is one of the smallest hill stations in the Western Ghats. Matheran is not far from the main metropolitan areas of Maharashtra, making it a perfect weekend retreat or getaway. Due to its high altitude, temperatures are much cooler with less humidity.


Additional clothing and swimwear are required along with photo ID, a screenshot or email of your booking confirmation. travel meal. Sandals – A spare pair is recommended. The camera is great. Please bring an extra blanket if you are staying overnight. Things to do:

Play games like Uno and Jenga. Guitars, harmonicas, and other exciting gear in general:

Personal hygiene products and personal medicines Odomos. Sunscreen, a hat and goggles are recommended. If you have personal items, please bring them.

Access from Pune and Maharashtra:

Take a bus or train to Karjat. Take the toy train from the Matheran station to the Matheran market (cost:

Second class is 45 rupees. Rs. 300 for first class). Horseback riding is available from the Matheran entrance to Market Point. (About 600 yen per person)

Places to explore while camping

Matheran has many places to visit that will lift your spirits. Some of the most famous points you will love it are Alexander Point, Rose Point, Charlotte Lake, Pishanath Mahadev Mandir, Sunset Point and Paymaster Park.

Vikatgad is a small hill next to Matheran. Ride a toy train from Matheran to Vicatgad and hike deep canyons.

Lake Charlotte is a beautiful lake, best enjoyed at sunset, sunrise and foggy days. The dam floods during the monsoon season, making it a tourist attraction. The main source of water for the town of Matheran is the lake itself.

Paymaster Park is also one of Matheran’s famous attractions if you go camping. An amusement park and children’s park where you can enjoy a wide variety of beautiful flowers.

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He can either hike to these places or rent a horse for him for a day and visit these places one by one. When to camp in Matheran

Matheran has good weather all year round.

If you travel between October and November, the monsoon has just ended and the weather is a little muggy but cool, perfect for observing the surrounding landscape. It’s the perfect time for families and children to go camping.

If you travel between December and February, these are the winter months. Temperatures are cool, 12-13 degrees Celsius lower.  Best time for couples to go camping.

If he travels between March and May, it is daylight saving time. It’s not very comfortable during the day, but the weather is very nice in the morning and evening. This season is not suitable for sightseeing and trekking. Also, if you go camping from July to September, these are the main off-road monsoon seasons. Trekking and sightseeing are the toughest times. But if you want to enjoy the gentle rains of Matheran, now is the perfect time to visit Matheran.


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