Known and Unknown Facts About The Natural Cornflower Blue Sapphire

Known and Unknown Facts About The Natural Cornflower Blue Sapphire

A cornflower’s deep blue color is quite similar to the stunning deep blue color. The majority of Blue Sapphire gemstones of extraordinary quality are overpriced. As the bulk of cornflower blue sapphires was discovered there, Kashmir is one of the most well-known places to find cornflower blue sapphires. Being one of the most valuable stones, the price per carat of the Cornflower blue sapphire fluctuates with the increase in the size of the carat. It is one of the rarest, most distinctive, and most authentic gem sapphires.

What Brings in the Uniqueness of the Natural Cornflower Blue Sapphire?

A distinctive and rather uncommon kind of sapphire is Cornflower Blue Star Sapphire. Numerous of these are covered in minuscule rutile needles (silk), oriented in three directions. This gemstone’s value is further increased by the inclusions’ “Asterism” or star-like reflection.

More than 90% of the Cornflower Blue Sapphire’s appearance and weight are precise and clear. The attractive shades of the Cornflower Blue sapphires are evenly distributed throughout, giving each of them a stunning and authentic look. Even the allocative efficiency in identifying sapphire features and properties has verified it.

Physical Factors of the Natural Cornflower Blue Sapphires-

  1. The color factor – The Natural Cornflower Blue Sapphire‘s various hue tones frequently confuse people. Its hue varies from light and subtle blue to vivid and robust blue. However, the green and purple undertones do not completely overshadow the blue tint. The most desirable original gemstones are typically those that are vivid and intensely colored, like real Cornflower Blue Sapphires.
  2. The clarity factor- There are typically fewer inclusions in natural Cornflower blue sapphires. The original Cornflower Blue sapphire’s quality is determined by the type, location, and quantity of these typical inclusions. The best real Cornflower Sapphires should have no potential inclusions that can be seen with the naked eye and should be eye-clean. However, inclusions like rutile silk needles are unique to Kashmir Blue sapphire. While it tends to reduce the transparency of the original Cornflower Blue sapphires, it also adds a special velvety shine that improves the gemstone’s overall appeal.
  3. The cuts on the stone – Rough Cornflower Blue Sapphire typically costs a lot of money. Gem cutters, therefore, work to reduce the amount of gemstone waste. As highly faceted cutting styles result in more waste, original Cornflower Sapphire prices typically increase for gemstones in fancy cuts. Therefore, cuts over the gemstone are avoided to sell them at a higher value.
  4. The carat-weight- Large-sized natural Cornflower Blue Sapphires of good quality are uncommon. As a result, if the size increases by even a few carats without compromising on quality, the price per carat for original Cornflower Blue Sapphires increases tremendously.

What Affects the Pricing of an Original Cornflower Blue Sapphire?

The real Cornflower blue sapphire’s origin, color intensity, clarity, cut, and carat weight all significantly affect how much it costs. The value of a Cornflower blue sapphire can also significantly vary depending on the rarity of a particular tint. Depending upon the production area, the cost of a real Cornflower Blue sapphire varies. As the method of producing such stones varies, so does the gemstone’s clarity, quality, and authenticity.

In regions where the Cornflower Blue sapphires are naturally mined, the cost is higher for the gemstones than other mining places.

The price per carat may be twice as expensive as cornflower blue sapphires from Madagascar, Burma, or Ceylon, which are of comparable quality. The price also differs depending on the place of origin. Due to its rarer presence in nature, the natural Cornflower Blue sapphire has a higher demand but lower production.

Prices for cornflower blue sapphire stones range from 1.25 lakh rupees ($2320 approximately) per carat to 4 lakh rupees ($6200 approximately) per carat and higher.

Choosing the right place to buy a real Cornflower Blue sapphire is daunting. Finding the best-certified stores online and making the best purchase is as important as buying the stone. One of the well-reputed and certified online gem stores is the Navratan Online Gem Bazar, which has a wide range of gemstones certified and verified at reputed institutions by skilled gemologists. The price per carat of the gemstones is true to their real values.

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