How virtual numbers are changing the way business connect with their customers

How virtual numbers are changing the way business connect with their customers

With communication systems breaking the geographical barriers, you should not hold back your business too. It deserves the best services and resources in order to flourish according to its true potential. Virtual numbers are an excellent tool in this direction. 

What are virtual numbers?

These are the numbers that do not require any mobile phone or landline to operate. They function totally online and in a wireless fashion. The numbers can be operated via your laptop or desktop through virtual dialers with the help of service providers. 

Virtual numbers ensure that your business is available round the clock for your customers. The restrictions of a dedicated office building and hefty equipment have been done away with. The agents can work from the comfort of their homes. The prices are very nominal as compared to the plans offered by conventional tele companies. 

It comes as an added advantage for businesses that operate completely online. Without the presence of any front desk, these businesses often have to face immense difficulties in the competition. Through virtual numbers, this too can be dealt with easily. 

How are virtual numbers changing the interaction between businesses and customers?

Increasing the local presence: Through virtual numbers, you can appoint local agents that can converse well in the local languages. Since you do not need to have a brick-and-mortar office in the city anymore, a well-knitted web of agents can be spread across geographical locations. 

This not only helps you increase your sales but also works on the trust factor. A customer is more likely to trust an agent who is a local rather than the one who does not know about the locality. 

Accessing the marketing returns: With virtual numbers service providers also provide a dashboard that tracks the calls and other details. It also stores the data related to the customer’s query so that it can be used in future. Now when a marketing manager has the data related to how many leads have been converted successfully under a specific campaign, the redundant campaigns can be stopped. 

This helps in cost-cutting and the money that is saved can be used elsewhere. 

Centralising the call centre: Now with virtual numbers, there is no major requirement of all the agents being present in one location. They can be on the other end of the globe and yet they can receive the call via call routing. These numbers allow the companies to route the incoming call to a specific agent. Knowlarity is one such service provider. You can also check out:-

This means that the customers no longer need to remember multiple numbers for your business. They just need to remember one and their call can be routed to the suitable department and the agent. 

Increasing professionalism: These numbers have also improved professionalism in the field. The software provides data on the customer query and how the data was resolved. It also shows other meaningful statistics using the dashboard. The collected data can be used to train the agents further and improve their efficiency. 

In addition to that, it can be used to train new agents as well. This also reduces the costs of hiring specialized trainers. 

Increasing the value of employees: The benefits are not only limited to your balance sheet. The employees of your company have much to gain from these numbers too. The Covid-19 pandemic has changed how people look at jobs. Everyone wants to find a job that is most comfortable for them. With virtual numbers, you can let your employees work from the comfort of their homes. 

This not only lets them work with a renewed vigour but also helps you keep the agents for longer. You would not have to worry about the attrition. 


Virtual numbers have been a big change in the industry. From making businesses available round the clock to improving customer service, they have enhanced everything. To get a virtual number in India, Knowlarity is your one-stop solution. 

It provides seamless CRM integration with top-notch security and privacy. The plans are customizable and cheap. You can also get a free trial before you actually opt for Knowlarity as your service provider. What can be better?

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