How To Make Your Kids Smarter, Healthier And Stronger

How To Make Your Kids Smarter, Healthier And Stronger

It is a dream of every parent to make their kids smarter and wants their child to do well in school, and stay out of trouble. There is no set path to guaranteed parenting success, it all depends on the way you follow some tips and tricks that can greatly improve your odds. According to research done by the National Institute of Health, 50% of intelligence in kids comes from genetics while the other 50% comes from other factors, where environment matters too. So, as a parent, you need to work on that 50% to support the cognitive development of your child. Follow these factors, to help your kids grow smarter and more intelligent. 

A Proper BedTime For Kids

For better growth of your child, it is essential that children get the proper amount of sleep or rest you can say. The doctor recommends getting at least 8 hours of sleep daily for better growth of your kids. 8 hours of sleep will not only make your child active or alert but they will have a much happier attitude. Set a bedtime for your kids and try to stick to it, and don’t compromise on this factor if you want your kids to make your kids smarter. And also try to provide the most comfortable bed to them, for a better night’s sleep. You might need Snuz Discount Code or Mamas And Papas Voucher Code to help you in getting sleeping bags, and bedside cribs for your baby at a discounted price.

Make Time For Unstructured Play 

Children like to explore new things that they are called naturally curious little explorers. The most efficient way from which they learn is through playing. Giving them unstructured playtime helps in supporting cognitive, social, and emotional development. Different games help kids in building a positive attitude in their personality, also give them a sense of independence, and build problem-solving skills. Make sure this should not include any screen time, it should be free from electronic devices for kids to realize the full potential of this time. to support their intellectual growth and development most parents are looking for alternative school options like online school or homeschooling. 

Let Them Learn From Their Mistakes

People indeed learn from their mistakes, the same goes with children too. I know it is hard to see your little one struggling in doing something but trust me, they will learn from it. Because if you always jump in to solve their problems, they will never learn to solve problems on their own. Failure is a great teacher, it lets kids learn what things to do and what not and how to follow steps rightly for a successful result. Raising your kids smarter means sometimes letting them make mistakes, but jumping to guide them if they see they are in too much trouble. 

Sometimes Kids Play Video Games Too 

Not all video games are bad for your kids, some also help in developing motor skills in kids. Video games help to develop your child’s learning skills as they promote strategic thinking, teamwork, and creative thinking too. letting your kids play video games is also good but have a check on them, as a parent you should know what type of video games your child is playing. By letting them play video games, your kids will also get happy and develop good motor skills and memory. 

Eat Dinner Together 

Working parents means it’s hard to take out time for your family because busy schedules and work commitments do not let you do it. but it is very essential to spend time with your family for your kids’ development. According to studies, those kids who eat regular meals with their families, have better self-esteem, are less likely to engage in risky behavior in the future, and have a higher vocabulary.  They also have good health and a more balanced diet, which is very much important for raising a smarter kid. A good meal with your family helps tremendously for the better growth of your kid. If you are too busy or come home late, try to carve out weekends to come together as a family and eat dinner to help your kid achieve heights in the future.

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