How to draw Thor’s Hammer

How to draw Thor’s Hammer

How to draw Thor’s Hammer. Nordic mythology contains some of the most epic and amazing stories ever created. Transmitted from generation to generation, this belief system contained many amazing gods and mortals, making amazing explorations. The most famous is perhaps the god of thunder, Thor. Looking at his famous Thor’s Hammer, Mjölnir, he has participated in many stories and has since suffered a resurgence thanks to his comic appearances.

It can be fun to learn how to draw the Thor hammer because it may be the most recognizable aspect of it. If you like to learn to play this famous weapon, it’s in the right place! You can draw many more characters like bow and arrow drawing, Anubis drawing, betta fish drawing, cobra drawing, blueberry drawing, coconut drawing and many more cool drawings.

Drawing the Thor’s Hammer

Step 1:

To start this guide on how to draw Thor’s Hammer, we will start with the hammer’s head outline. This part of the weapon will be angular enough to make this look. We will use several straight lines to draw the edges of the contour. This guide can use a rule to help the sketch look more angular.

Use a long line to the top of Thor’s Hammer in this spirit. Then see the reference image when drawing more straight lines to the sides of Thor’s Hammer. It will complete the base of the hammer, but you should leave a small gap in the base. It is where we will add the Thor’s Hammer strap to a future stage.

Step 2:

For this Thor’s hammer drawing, we will try to give depth by adding multiple surfaces to the Thor’s Hammer. We will start drawing some of these surfaces at this stage. These next lines will be drawn on the sides of Thor’s Hammer.

When drawing these lines, you will show how the borders of Thor’s Hammer look to the sides. Then you will be ready to add other angles to Thor’s Hammer surface, So when ready, we can go to the next step!

Step 3:

Due to Thor’s Hammer’s angle, we can see the lower edge. It is the part we will draw at this stage of our guide on how to draw Thor’s hammer. Start drawing more straight lines through the hammer’s body. Then we designed some thin shapes for some grooves at the base of Thor’s Hammer. Please do your best to add the lines we describe to our reference image so we can continue with step 4!

Step 4:

Soon you will draw the Thor Hammer drawing handle, but first, we have some final details to add to this stage. Draw more angular headlines near the base to start with these details. Once these lines are drawn, we will add angular shapes in each section at the extremities of Thor’s Hammer. It is all that exists at this stage, and next, we will add some details and final elements.

Step 5:

How to draw Thor's Hammer

You are almost ready to start coloring your work, but first, we have some final details to add to this fifth step in our guide on drawing the Thor hammer. This weapon would be hard to handle without handling, so it’s better to add one now! The outline of the handle can be designed with some straight lines. It will end with a rounded piece, and you can use curved lines for the handle.

Finally, finish this hand trace a few lines to give the impression that it is attached to the leather. Before you go to the last step, you can also add some details. You may even attract Thor by holding Thor’s Hammer, or maybe he may be suspended from the belt.

Step 6:

How to draw Thor's Hammer

It is the last step of the Hammer Thor drawing, and we will end with a certain color. In our reference image, we created a metal appearance for the hammer’s head using gray tones. We use gold with gold alternation for the handle to give a more ornate appearance. You can use these shades if you like the face of our vision, but feel free to utilize yours too.

The hammer is often seen led by Thunder, so maybe you can color backward! There are also much main art media you can use. Colorful watercolors and pencils would be good for seedlings, while acrylic paintings and colorful markers would be the best for the brightest colors.

Make the drawing of Thor’s hammer even better!

Bring electricity to your thor hammer outline with these 5 tips to try! This Thor Hammer Drawing looks like the version used in the different appearances of Thor’s movies. When you finish this drawing, you can try to draw it in different styles. It can be designed to correspond to other film versions, a style used on a video game, or even something based on old hammer drawings. You can even create a new interpretation on your part!

If you decide to maintain the interpretation of Thor’s hammer Marvel, you can emphasize it by drawing other weapons and tools used by Thor’s colleagues’ heroes. It may include Captain America’s shield, Iron Man’s helmet, or Hawkeye’s bow and arrow. What other Marvel artifacts could you add to this set? In making his many adventures, Thor would have more than his simple hammer ready to leave. You can show it by adding other things you want to help you. It may include armor, a helmet, or other weapons. There are fun ways to be able to organize these additional articles, so have fun showing creativity!

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One of the best ways to make Thor’s hammer drawing even better would be to add man himself! Thor could deal with his emblematic weapon to make his image more active. You can do this by just drawing your arm and hand or drawing the whole character. If you draw, do it in your version of Marvel’s movie, one of the comics, or perhaps for a more traditional look. If you add Thor to your Thor hammer outline, you can make it more complete by adding a background. It would be a great way to create an adventurous atmosphere for your work. You can show yourself in combat or maybe have a party in a banquet room. What parameters could you create?

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Your Thor’s hammer drawing is complete!

You worked hard on this guide on how to draw Thor’s hammer, and you have an amazing image of this famous weapon to show! We expect that by pursuing this direction, you have found it fun and easy to recreate this brilliant image. You can also add some of your ideas regarding additional details, additions, and color options.

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Have fun with and let your creativity flow as you end! Don’t forget to visit our site because we have impressive guides to enjoy. We often download new ones, so keep checking! We would also like to see your finished hammer drawing, so share it on our Facebook and Pinterest pages to admire!

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