Gobie water bottle

Gobie water bottle

Gobie water bottle is the most cutting-edge water filtering bottle available anyplace on Earth. Gobie has joined the cast of “Shark Tank.” In the past four years, Rusty has realized that he spends more money per gallon on one-time-use water bottles than gasoline. Avoiding bottled water saves money and reduces the environmental effect. ¬†Here we will discuss the gobie water bottle.

Origin of gobie water bottle:

Not all cleaned water has a pleasant taste, and clean drinking water is not as widely available as it should be. Having access to safe drinking water is something we all take for granted, but it is not always the case. In response to this trend, there has been an increase in the use of water jugs that include a built-in water filter to remove the unpleasant taste of tap water. Before delivery, water was once decanted. Built-in water filters can be recharged without filtering.

Who is using the gobie water bottle?

All of Robert’s children have drunk from this bottle. Kevin wonders if it’s the same water filter as the others, but Lori insists it’s the same one. Robert’s children haven’t used a filtered water bottle in nearly three years. Because she has never seen anything like it before, she is unfamiliar with the robust outer shell that features a squeeze component for building pressure and ejecting water. According to her research, several water-filtration systems can be used with different water bottles.

What happened to filtered water bottles?

Industrial designer Rusty Allen, headquartered in San Diego, California, is the brains behind Gobie water which has a 22-ounce capacity and an integrated water filter that can be filled from any tap, no matter where the user is. Since the filter is manufactured from burnt coconut shells, the BPA-free bottle has a rubbery surface, making it easier to squeeze and completely compostable. After building the invention, he learned it could remove more than tap water. He’s excited to show the other Shark Tank investors.

Features of gobie water bottle:

The flex-flow technology allows both the convenience of a soft shell and the protection of a hard shell. Toxins in water can now be eliminated 99.99 percent of the time, thanks to an improved filter. Rusty scoops a handful of fine potting dirt and shakes it vigorously to demonstrate his point. You wouldn’t even consider drinking this water because it’s so disgusting. A superior filter quickly removes adequately filtered water. Rusty uses a wine glass to demonstrate the new filter’s advantages.

“Shark Tank” guest Gobie:

A sample is given to each shark, starting with Lori, as it is only natural. Rusty asks the Sharks, “Which of you is interested in investing in pure, purified Gobie success?” To compete with the other water bottles that purify water, does Rusty plan to market his product as a mainstream product in the United States, or does he aim to sell the product in countries. According to Rusty, tests on the sophisticated filter are still ongoing.

Shark Tank Gobie water bottle:

In the realm of industrial design, Rusty Allen is an entrepreneur. The “most advanced filtered water bottle” is the product of his efforts. In the design of his Gobie water bottle, he used both complex- and soft-shell technology to create a unique combination of materials. Seeing how much he spent on water bottles that lasted only a few days inspired him to create the idea.

Manufacturing of water bottles:

Rusty Allen came up with the idea for the Gobie to manufacture both functional and environmentally friendly water bottles. The bottle’s body is made of Tritan, a BPA-free polymer with an ergonomic grip and a mouthpiece. It was made to be stored in a cupholder, making it suitable for usage in a vehicle or bicycle. This characteristic is not present on any other available bottles, making it a one-of-a-kind product.

Carbon-based filter:

The carbon-based filter that was housed inside the bottle had the potential to remove any minerals, chlorine, or odors that were present in the water. It is possible to filter one hundred gallons of water through each filter before it needs to be replaced. Because it was fashioned out of coconut shells that had been burned, this filter could spontaneously combust.

The Gobie Water Bottle on Shark Tank:

Rusty Allen sought a $300,000 investment in exchange for a 10% ownership in his company by pitching it on the reality show “Shark Tank.” Aside from filtering water, Rusty discovered that the enhanced filter might do extra duties when designing the bottle. His goal on Shark Tank was to encourage viewers to see things his way. When he came up with this idea, he decided to put some fine potting soil in a bottle, add some water, and shake it up.

Shark Tank examines Rusty’s samples:

After that, he demonstrated using a wine glass that the tainted water had been changed into something that could be safely drunk by demonstrating that it was now fit for human consumption. The investors on “Shark Tank” examine Rusty’s samples and comment that the water bottles Rusty is using have been on the market for quite some time and that there are already other filters available for purchase that perform the same function.

Gobie water bottle at Bed Bath & Beyond:

Rusty Allen was already selling his bottles on the internet before he appeared on “Shark Tank.” To sell his bottle to one of the big retail stores like Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, or J.C. Penny’s, Rusty had approached them. In the future, each of the three companies said they would need more colors than only blue. Lori on Shark Tank hypothesized that if these organizations thought this bottle was unique, they would have bought it and asked about color variations. Amazon initially fared well selling the bottles.

Gross Income and Total Asset Value:

Shark Tank Shark Rusty Allen had been selling Gobie online before participating in the show. Throughout 17 and half months, he sold 10,000 bottles and 15,000 new filters, netting him $285,000 in sales. Each bottle cost about ten dollars to make, but the company was selling them for thirty dollars each on the internet. Several “Shark Tank” panelists were concerned about the price point because they knew there were other comparable products available at a lesser price.

Gobie Water Bottles Have Closed Their Doors:

The Gobie Company was forced to deal with several challenging circumstances as a direct consequence of the events that transpired between Rusty Allen and Daymond. The Gobie’s design was the subject of several complaints, the most common of which was that it leaked, which resulted in air bubbles being introduced into the mouthpiece, and that it could not be tipped on its side. Given that the company’s social media channels were last updated in 2016, Gobie bottles may be discontinued.


Some bad things happened to Gobie due to what happened between Rusty Allen and Daymond. That’s why we’re here. In several comments, Gobie’s design was mentioned, and the most common concerns were that it leaked, that air bubbles flowed through the mouthpiece and that it couldn’t be placed on its side, among others. Gobie water bottle is no longer available. The Gobie appeared to compete with cheaper competitors from more giant corporations. They all had improved designs, were easier to use, and were efficient.


What is the name of this person?

In the realm of industrial design, Rusty Allen is an entrepreneur. The “most advanced filtered water bottle” is the product of his efforts. He employed complex- and soft-shell technologies to design his Gobie water bottle.

What has happened to the “Shark Tank” character Gobie?

There have been many water bottles featured on Shark Tank, but this is the first cleaned water bottle any sharks will ever get to try.


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