Goa New Year Party – The Best Place to Celebrate!

Goa New Year Party – The Best Place to Celebrate!

Goa has always been one of the most popular tourist destinations in India, attracting both domestic and international tourists. Although you can visit Goa at any time of the year, it is during New Year’s Eve that the place just comes alive with celebrations and fireworks displays. In fact, many consider New Year’s Eve to be one of the best ways to experience Goa! So if you’re planning on visiting Goa during this season, you’ve come to the right place! Here are some tips on how to make the most out of your New Year’s Eve celebrations in Goa. Cruises in Goa are another best option for a goa new year party.


Places To Book For An Inexpensive Getaway

If you’re looking for a fun getaway but don’t want to spend a fortune, Goa is an excellent option. Throughout December and January, Goan beaches are filled with crowds celebrating the Goa  new year party. It has become one of India’s most popular tourist destinations and perfect for a party vacation or honeymoon trip. Whether you want something simple or over-the-top, there is something for everyone at budget-friendly prices. If you are looking for ways to celebrate your trip in style without breaking your budget, here are some ideas:1. Stay at an exotic beach resort: 2.


Places to Book For An Expensive Getaway

Going out of town for a holiday can be quite expensive, and if you want to celebrate your new year’s in style, you’re going to have to shell out quite a lot of money. While most people would rather stay home with their loved ones, there are still a few parties around that you could check out for a small fee. Check out these best places in Goa where you can spend your new year party: 1.


People Involved

Local/National DJs, local celebs/party animals, CR. Sponsorships: Names of Parties and other sponsors. Pictures of parties and events would also be great. Promotions at clubs and bars in Goa before new year party get-togethers can also be added here. Interviews of famous people attending parties. A lot can go in here. And the best photos are better than words so please upload pictures too if you can do that 🙂 Tag Lines: Come celebrate with us Goans!


Things To Do

Goa is a beach resort state of India which is filled with wonders and many places of attractions that makes Goa a preferred tourist destination in India. Few of them are Palolem Beach, Calangute Beach, Anjuna Beach, Baga Beach and Vagator Beach etc. All these beaches are located near popular towns like Panaji, Fort Aguada etc.


Getting Around

Goa is mostly connected by roads. A road network connects all major towns, villages and industrial areas in Goa.


Festivities Around Town

With so many different parties, who knows where you’ll end up at midnight. Aside from all of that bar hopping, there are plenty of other activities around town. Join a percussion ensemble and ring in Goan New Year by playing along with them on your instrument. Don’t have an instrument? No problem, grab one when you get there! There will be all kinds of instruments for people to play, whether it’s a tambourine or a cajon. If that isn’t your style, head over to Ashvem Beach where you can go canoeing with friends or hop on some water scooters and go zipping around as a group.


Festivities At Home

If you’re looking for a low-key way to celebrate, why not host your own New Year’s party? Simply invite your friends over for food and drink, which will likely be cheaper than heading out for an evening on town. Whether you serve traditional fare such as champagne or opt for an international feast (think Japanese, Chinese, Italian), you can customize your menu to reflect whatever your budget allows. Many grocery stores run specials around major holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas so take advantage of them while they last. You may also want to consider taking a short trip home; there are few things more exciting than celebrating in one of those places where they know how!


How To Enjoy Holi Even If You’re Sick!

If you or your friends are feeling under-the-weather during Holi, here are some tips that will help you get in on all of the fun! If you’re in Goa, of course. ^_^


Tips for a Happy Holi in Goa

You know that holi is one of the most auspicious Hindu festivals in India, where people dance and play with water and colors. You also know that holi celebrations are much bigger in North India than they are elsewhere in India. But do you know where you can have a fabulous time celebrating holi? Right here in Goa, of course! Gather up your girlfriends or your family members or both, book an amazing holiday home for rent near Goan beaches on Airbnb, and spend a colorful celebration full of joy with friends here in Goa. If you’ve never celebrated holi before, it’s one heck of an experience! Here’s our list of tips for a happy Holi celebration in Goa

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