Everything about flatbed towing

Everything about flatbed towing

Flatbed towing is one of the most common ways to tow a vehicle. Flatbed towing allows towing companies to safely and easily tow a variety of vehicles of varying sizes. If you have machinery, sensitive equipment, or luxury vehicles, flatbed towing is the way to go. When you are getting car insurance make sure Roadside Assistance insurance is mentioned. Roadside Assistance Houston will make sure that your vehicle is towed by a professional when you are stranded on the road. For finding the best roadside assistance you can call the Flatbed Towing and Wrecker Service who are satisfying clients for over 20 years.

Let us look at some of the advantages of Flatbed Towing

  • Reduces miles on the vehicle

If you own a dealership, you definitely don’t want to add unnecessary miles to your car. Flatbed towing means you can safely tow your vehicle without adding unnecessary miles.

  • Less chance of vehicle damage

If you want to avoid damaging your vehicle and unnecessary wear and tear, flatbed towing is the way to go. Certain situations require to hook towing, but flatbed trailers allow an experienced driver to do the same job with less risk of damage. In addition, even if your vehicle is always damaged in a serious accident, using a flatbed tow truck can reduce the chance of damage.

  • Convenience and Time Saving

Some types of towing are time-consuming and involve dropping the drive shaft, moving the vehicle, and connecting the chain. However, using a low loader is much more time efficient and convenient. So the vehicle will be off-roaded much faster on the way home or on the way to the workshop. From loading to unloading, the whole process becomes much quicker and easier.

  • Adjustments are not required

When you tow your vehicle behind the tow truck, it will always bob up and down. These bumps, dips, and other bumps and dips mean your tow vehicle needs to be checked and adjusted frequently, especially on long trips. Not only that, but large dents can also damage tires and wheels while driving.


Let us now look at what are flatbed tow trucks

A flatbed tow truck is different from the standard tow trucks you are used to. Instead, it is a vehicle with a single flatbed with no doors, roof, or sides. This truck, due to its design, has a huge area where your vehicle can stand perfectly. It uses a hydraulic drive system that lowers the ends to the ground. By tilting the car to the ground and parking it slides out of the car. When the vehicle is fully flatbed, the ramp returns to its normal position and can be winched up for safe, damage-free transport. Flatbed trucks are sometimes called push trucks or rollback trucks.

Why should you use Flatbed Towing Service?

  • Secures the vehicle during towing

If you are concerned about vehicle safety, we recommend using a flatbed tow truck. This keeps the vehicle completely off the ground while driving and protects the vehicle’s frame, tires, and bumper from the wear and tear and impacts that typically occur when using other tow trucks. This method allows the vehicle to be transported without potential damage.  Flatbed towing is considered to be more efficient and compatible

  • Quick easy and effective

When you’re ready to drive your car, you can quickly load it into the tow truck bed. Whether you’re transporting engines, trucks, or expensive vehicles, you can easily transport them without damage. By comparison, a two-wheeler job requires the driver to remove the driveshaft to protect the engine from damage, which is not the case with flatbed trucks.

  • Can move heavy vehicles

Flatbed tractors are ideal for transporting large vehicles while protecting them from wear and tear. If a non-professional trolley driver tows a large truck or vehicle, the trolley will be damaged along with your vehicle.

  • The only option available sometimes

In the unfortunate event of a broken axle, deformed vehicle, or vehicle without tires, flatbed towing is the last resort for getting the vehicle to a junkyard or auto body shop. So no matter how deformed the vehicle is, it can be easily held right above the bed.

  • For long-distance towing

If you need to tow your vehicle long distances from one city to another, or from one state to another, you’ll need to rely on flatbed trucks. For long-distance towing, the goal is to protect the vehicle during transportation. A rollback towing service is therefore the best and ultimate solution to protect your car from wear and tear.

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