Emergence of indo western styling

Emergence of indo western styling

Just as the fashion season changes from spring to summer, so does the style mood of fashion connoisseurs and trendsetters. There are tons of new trends, styling tips, and ultra-chic outfit ideas to keep up with this shift in taste. As designers prepare to showcase sheer, elegant, and traditional summer collections, you can exude glamour with your own coolest Indian and Indian-inspired looks!

In 2022, it is being noticed that designers are experimenting with color gradients and sumptuous fabrics such as satin, muslin, organza, and cotton define the picture. Vintage embroidery, stitch line embellishments, and textured finishes are currently at the forefront of India’s latest fashion trends. Finishing the attire with accessories like jewelry, bags, and shoes is how designers are completing the look. Sometimes it’s a mix and match or sometimes it’s all traditional. The Indo western dressing sense keeps on coming back and now women are experimenting with blazers and lehenga or saree and denim or formal shirts as blouses with sarees. You can quickly get hold of Indo western dress Maryland as these styles will never go out of fashion.

Distinctive hand looms and stylish digital prints are hallmarks of the Indian fashion scene. Reinventing the classic Indian silhouette into a more spirited and modern version is one of the latest fashion trends in Indian clothing. You can get styling options from the internet and all the items you need are easily available in women’s clothing stores in Baltimore.

Let us look at how designers are experimenting

  • Neon color is a favorite colour among all designers

There are many girls who are opting for neon shades and are pulling it off really well. Matching these shades with a very stylish lehenga choli, embellished mask and jewelery will help you stay energized while wearing the latest fashion trends this season. You can choose neon yellow, green, or hot pink to add summery freshness to your Kurtis, lehenga, or saree. Make a summer statement like no other in neon!

  • The Saree with a belt

This is one of the easiest looks that adds more structure and definition to your look. You can wear it with a traditional styled blouse or use your top or shirt as the blouse and finally add a belt around your waist to complete the look. It’s easy to do and keeps your pallu in place in case you are not able to deal with it and it appears very stylish. This is one of the prime examples of Indo western dressing.

  • The Indo-Chic Sunnies

Wearing sunglasses is common, but very recently Sabyasachi Mukherjee, world-famous Indian designer just revolutionized the idea and it is mandatory for all women to wear sunglasses with an Indian outfit like a boss. The tinted sunglasses along with traditional wear and ample confidence is such a look that is easy to do and stands out from the rest.

  • Blazer with Lehenga or Saree

If Indo-Western Power Dressing had to be just one look then it would be Blazer with Saree or Lehenga. There are brides today who are choosing to opt for a blazer instead of the usual choli or adding a blazer after wearing the saree. This outfit gives out boss vibes and putting together this outfit is also not much of a hassle.

  • Denim+ Saree

If you scroll Instagram, just like we do, then you must have seen many Indian fashion influencers who are wearing denim pants or jackets with a traditional saree. Now, this look takes a bit of gut but if you are able to pull out then all eyes will be on you! This trend is being set by influencers but it has been noticed that there are fashionistas who are taking these style tips seriously and amping up their fashion game.

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