Costly Mistakes made by New Car Drivers in Dubai

Costly Mistakes made by New Car Drivers in Dubai

When people buy new car in Dubai, it usually takes time to get used to driving as it is unique to them. Resultantly, newbies commit mistakes due to a need for sufficient knowledge about automobiles and driving experience. 

However, keeping in mind the nature of mistakes, you can reduce the risk of motor crashes and give you confidence while driving. So, if you saved every penny and now can afford the new car prices in Dubai, the most commonly made mistakes that disturb your pocket are here. 

No Regular Service Car Checks

New car drivers often need to be made aware about car maintenance and service. However, delaying car service and ignoring minor damages can cost huge mechanic service bills. Meanwhile, delayed maintenance also causes the vehicle to perform poorly and puts the vehicle at a safety risk. Therefore, it is vital to conduct timely servicing of your new car. 

The driving experience is not just about driving your dream car on the roads; it includes everything from service to car maintenance. Some essential parts of cars, like engines, batteries, spark plugs, and car brakes, need regular inspection. Moreover, there are also some healthy practices that you should follow; removing trash direct from the dashboard, cleaning the center console, wiping the window, and disinfecting the steering wheel. 

Speeding with Cold Engine

Once a person starts any vehicle, it takes nearly 15 to 20 seconds for the oil to circulate all over the engine. But if the driver makes the mistake of accelerating the car with a cold engine, it can cause severe damage to your new car. 

Moreover, driving your new car at high speed will increase the car’s fuel consumption and gas mileage. Although it is fair to speed up your car in emergencies, doing it frequently can reduce the functionality and performance of your car engine. Thus, if you’ve just started to drive your new car in Dubai, then it is advised to maintain an average speed while driving. 

Ignoring Tyre Pressure

Dubai is a city where the temperature is usually higher than in other cities of the world. Resultantly, the temperature of the surroundings and the friction between the road and the tyre cause hot surfaces that eventually affect the air pressure in the tyres. Therefore, if you’ve just learned to drive a car and have a brand-new vehicle, always remember to check tyre pressure regularly to avoid blowouts. 

Without going to any professional mechanic, you can also use a pressure gauge specified by manufacturers to estimate the pounds per square inch (PSI) level. Furthermore, if you find it a worn tyre, replace it without wasting time to avoid sudden breakage and damage to your new car. 

Ignoring to Check Engine Light

Whenever you buy new cars in Dubai, always study the car’s dashboard, which allows you to keep an eye on multiple things like engine light. The reason behind the popping of the engine light clearly depicts when there is some issue with spark plugs, faulty catalytic converters, defective oxygen sensors, or mass airflow sensors. 

Moreover, the engine light also blinks when the gap cap goes missing in the combustion chamber. Whatever the reason behind popping, the important thing to remember is to discontinue driving whenever the engine light glows and take your vehicle to a mechanic. 


If you are a new car driver in Dubai, you need a precise sense of how reactive your car’s brakes are. So, by overestimating the brakes’ strength, you might be misled in keeping a safe distance between your car and others on the road. 

Besides, you must be very conscious and aware while stopping before a traffic light or junction. If you fail to maintain enough space between your car and others on the road, this will also cause you a penalty. 


If you want to change your music playlist or reply to text messages, make sure to do this before you start your drive. These distractions are also hazardous for the driver and the passengers in the car. Several driving institutions tell you while driving lessons that you should put all your personal distracting elements on silent. In Dubai, you might be aware that there is a high amount of fines charged to people who use mobile phones while driving. 

Ignoring Road Signs

People who just bought their dream car for huge new car prices in Dubai often need to correct some minor mistakes that cost them a lot. Similarly, new drivers often tend to keep all their focus on the road and ignore some important road signs. 

So, you should always keep your peripheral vision looking out for any “stop” or “caution” signs on the road. In Dubai, if you watch out for lanes prescribed for buses and taxis, this can also cost you a big amount as a fine. 

Road Awareness

Practice makes you perfect, and this rule is also applied to driving. The more you take your car out on the vast roads of Dubai, the more you will learn driving tactics. While driving, you don’t just need to look out for what is immediately in front of you, but also be aware of what to expect in the future. Moreover, also be aware of prohibited areas of your city; driving to any such wrong area can also cost you whooping fine amounts. 

Overtaking on the Hard Shoulder

You would have to sign yellow lined areas on the left and right sides of the road, known as hard shoulders. Car drivers who use the hard shoulder to overtake a car are also charged fines, resulting in black points on their driving licenses. 

These hard shoulders are mainly for ambulances in emergency situations. So, if any car goes into this area, there might also be chances of accidents and personal injuries too. 

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Driving Noisy Vehicle

Many car enthusiasts are fond of driving noisy cars that attract the attention of every other person on the road. At the same time, Dubai Police consider noisy vehicles as a source of stress and anxiety for other road users and neighborhoods. So, never commit this mistake to your car as it costs a big fine amount and black points too. 

Summing up

Now you are ready to drive your New Car in Dubai without committing any silly mistakes. New car owners often commit these mistakes like not washing the car, irregular driving mistakes, etc., which ultimately cost them huge amounts as well as black points on their driving licenses. 

So, if you want to save more after purchasing a new car for a high new car price in Dubai, then make sure you avoid repeating these mistakes and keep your new car in the best condition for the long run. 

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