Best Treks to do in India

Best Treks to do in India


States such as Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh are especially famous for trekking and camping. Check out Manali, Munnar, Ladakh, Garhwal, Darjeeling, Kasol, Coorg, Wayanad, and more! In this article, we will talk about the best hikes in the India.

1- Warwan Valley Trek
Warwan Valley Trek is the most spectacular trek in our country. At Indiahikes we call it ‘The’ Warwan. No hike can match this hiking experience. And the hikes that follow don’t come close.

Hiking includes everything: different colors, pass crossings, river crossings, glacier walks, alpine lakes, and picturesque villages.

However, this means that this hike is not for everyone. Hiking is difficult. Access to this trail requires good fitness and experience in high altitude hiking.

2- Pangalchula Peak Trek
If you’re looking for a powerful and exciting climb to the summit, the Pangalchula Peak Trek offers just that. At the summit, enjoy breathtaking 360-degree views of the Garhwal Mountains. Nanda Gunti, the Trishul Mountains are visible for the first time from the summit.

If you love adventurous climbing, this is the hike for you.

3- Bali Pass Trek
Bali Pass Trek is a difficult Himalayan trek.
This is due to the elevation above 16,000 feet. Bali Pass Trekking is more than just an adventurous trek. Trek through several historic villages to the stunning high-altitude lake Ruinsala Valley.

The rocky approach to Bali Pass itself is another aspect of the Bali Pass Trek that stands out.. During June and July, the higher pass areas are covered in snow! It’s a patch. If you enjoy higher elevation passes, this is the hike for you.
4- Ping Baba Trek
India Hikes Ping Baba itinerary is 9 days. Kafnu is the base camp for the Ping Baba Pass Trek. It is possible to enjoy a solo trek despite the overwhelming vastness of the terrain.
Pinball is known as one of the most dramatic hikes. Every day there is a complete change of scenery. Every day is like a new hike! Ping Baba is not only a fantastic substitute for the dangerous Ping Parvati Path Trek, but it’s also a more attractive and secure location.
5- Kedartal Trek
Kedartal is a difficult trek compared to other Himalayan treks.This trek is intended for seasoned hikers and adventure seekers.. The journey ascends to the glacial lake Kedartal, which is encircled by tall mountains.. Some of the most famous mountains rise before you in this cauldron – Mt Talaisagar, Mt Brigpant, Mt Nanda Parbat, Mt Joyn, and Mt Gangotri.

6- Kashmir Great Lakes Trek
The Kashmir region is picturesque, each lake more beautiful than the last. This hike allows you to experience a larger than life view of the lake.

After this hike, each subsequent hike feels like a movie on the small screen. However, Kashmir Great Lakes is his IMAX 3D experience. It’s the size of a trek. Put this hike on your bucket list if you haven’t already.

7- Gaumuk Tapovan Trek
Gaumuk Tapovan Trek is one of India’s oldest and most legendary Himalayan treks. It offers you the chance to experience a beautiful sunset and you can see Mount Sibling from its base to its summit and finally to Gangotri Glacier, the source of the Ganges River.

The base camp of the Gaumukh Tapovan Trek is Rishikesh, a culturally must-see destination.

8- Lupine Pass Trek
If there is a traditional trek in India, it has to be Lupine Pass. This hike is like an orchestra that gains momentum every hour with surprises in the landscape. With every step you take, new scenery, and new landscapes unfold.

Lupine Pass Trekking is a trek with a true sense of adventure. There are surprises in the landscape around every corner. One of the major highlights of this trek is the ascent from Upper Falls Campground to Lati Ferry and the steep climb to Lupine Pass through Lupine Gully.

9-Brangati Trekking
Brangati is the trek you get when he takes the best elements of different treks and combines them into one trek.
It’s filled with meadows, exciting mountain pass crossings, and historic villages, to say the least.
Lupine Pass Trek runs parallel to the Bulangati Trek. The trail begins in the historic town of Junglik and continues through spectacular dense forests to the Dayala Meadows.

10- Copra Ridge Trekking
Nepal has trekking, Kopra Ridge Trekking. One of the many reasons why you should do this hike is because of the 22 major mountains you see on this hike!

The beauty of the copra comb is in the fact that it is a comb. Hike this ridge for two full days. So for two days there are big mountains on both sides. There are few hikes in the world that take two full days to climb a ridge. Let us take care of you hiking with these stunning mountain views. Combining the two makes Copra Ridge a very special hike.

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