Best Treks in Himachal Pradesh

Best Treks in Himachal Pradesh


Himachal Pradesh is a northern state which has several mountains, lakes, hills, etc that enhance the aesthetics of this place. Himachal’s magnificence as well as the hospitality of its inhabitants attract an ample number of tourists, most of whom seize Himachal Pradesh as a ‘trekking destination’.

Trek means a long journey on foot that people nowadays track down to rejuvenate themselves from chaotic life and stress.

Through the means of the trek, one can take time to retrospect their lives along with gaining some adventurous lifetime experiences.

Himachal is assessed as one of the best trek destinations in India. There are a vast number of trek points in Himachal itself but a few among them stand out among travelers. Some of the best destinations are:-

The renowned car passes circuit trek is perched on the beautiful town of Kasol in the heavenly state of Himachal Pradesh. It is situated amidst the Parvati valley. The car pass trek allows witnessing contrasting landscapes that include numerous lush green forests, sylvan meadows and roaring streams, and many more wonders of nature. This trek provides an opportunity to witness many mighty Himalayan peaks. Passing through uneven terrains this trek is a bit difficult for amateurs, but considering the captivating views of the magnificent Himalayas, the difficulty is worth it. This trek will provide you the tingling sensations and relaxation at the same time.

Hampta pass trek is one of the most adventurous treks in Himachal Pradesh. It is elevated at 14000 feet furnishing one of the most beautiful scenic views. It is a crossing pass that has Kullu on one side with blooming flowers, lush green forests, and grasslands all along. On another side, Lahaul is situated which gives a view of barren arid land, peaks, and terrains with rare vegetation.
Standing on the top is the view of two contrasting worlds that proves soothing to the eyes and soul.
Tourists are enticed to this place because of the thrill and adventure it seeks to provide due to its height and the beautiful view serves as the cherry on the cake. Hampta pass is sure to provide some thrilling excitement of climbing the hills and ledges. It takes about 6 days to cover the trek which is up to 25 km.

Kheerganga trek is exemplified as a natural paradise. It offers a heavenly view, elevated at a height of 2950 m. The temperature of the site varies according to season, it’s moderate in summer while the weather is colder with snowfall in winter. The trek wraps a distance of 24 km which can smoothly be covered within 1-2 days. The landscape has a natural incline and decline at some places and it gets steeper at certain locations. The place is well known for hot springs, exquisite valleys, and some nearby places to visit along with the spellbinding view from the top. There are an ample number of small cafes nearby that tend to provide a genuine Himachal feeling along with delicious food and commendable hospitality.

Bhrigu lake is one of the most popular trek destinations in Himachal Pradesh. Maharishi Bhrigu sat in deep meditation here, so this place also has spiritual significance. Its lush greenery provided by vast grasslands induced great scenic views. This trek is located among vast alpine meadows at 11000 feet above the treeline it takes approximately four days to reach the destination. Several horses galloping, sheep grazing and a vast stretch of grasslands can be seen once a person comes out of the tree line. It gives a great adventurous trek for individuals as well as families. The palliative view can refresh your soul and heart, giving you a lifetime experience.

Pin Parvati pass is a place that surely offers one of the most thrilling trek experiences. It provides adventure, and beauty as well as tends to offer you a sense of achievement when you reach the trek point. This trek elevated at 17,457 ft provides a once-in-a-lifetime thrilling experience. Throughout the journey, a person gets discerning but splendid views, at one end you can experience extensive meadows of Parvati valley while on the other end there are many spiritual Buddhist villages in the trans-Himalayan region. On this trek, you come across numerous biodiversity of flora and fauna that enhance its splendid beauty. It surely provides an extraordinary experience.

Perched at an altitude of 2730 m with a view of serene blue water along with snow-clad areas of Dhauladhars, the Prashar lake trek provides you with a stunning view additionally one of the best trekking adventures. This trek lake is also contemplated as sacred due to sage Prashar’s meditation at the place.
During the trek, you will get a glimpse of various dense forests of oak trees, vast streams, soothing waterfalls, and also the holy Prashar rishi temple while camping alongside Prashar lake. It offers breathtaking aesthetic scenery. You can even relish splendid sunrise and sunset views from the destination.

Treks are like once-in-a-lifetime voyages. And if the destination is Himachal Pradesh, the trek can be adventurous, thrilling, and filled with extensively bewitching locations. These trekking destinations will catch tourists off guard due to their splendid beauty. Treks in Himachal tend to offer a safe and sound experience where you can relish to the fullest away from all the busy lifestyle and appreciate the real beauty of nature.

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