However, for best dental surgeon in lahore to communicate, the way they do it remains strictly controlled. Advertising, in this sense, is forbidden, even though there is a need for it. Many “news items” remind us how vast the subject is and go beyond the profession’s obligation.

Being known as you’re a dental surgeon, The delicate issue of advertising

Like all health professions, best dental surgeon in lahore must adhere to the regulations enacted under the code of public health on the one hand and their own ethics code on the second. Regarding communication, the profession was not allowed to practice its profession “like a trade,” and advertising was therefore forbidden for those who practiced dentistry. The absolute restriction on any type (direct and indirect) of communication for promotion was modified through a decree 2020-1658 of December 22nd 20th, 2020. This change to the public health code was also the recommendation of the national dental order surgeons.

While also highlighting the requirement to adhere to the ethical code, These developments expand the possibilities for dentists regarding communications and information. Health professionals can now offer communications aimed at all people, provided they are intended for health or educational purposes when the official documents remind dentists to exercise extreme care and be vigilant in the form of their remarks and also remind them that dental practices should not use this kind of communication. That is, the dentist can share his knowledge, experience, and expertise without ” capturing” the patient. While these changes were implemented primarily for digital media, such as the Internet and digital mediums, these changes apply to any media, including newspapers (directory newspapers, newspapers, etc best dental surgeon in lahore.

The announcement of a dental center in Evreux has been making headlines in the local area

The rules that govern the communication between dental centers or dentists are understood and abided by all professions; however, they are constantly debated because they apply to all regardless of whether or not they aren’t professional. Health. This was revealed in a recent statement by mayor Evreux on his page on Facebook. The mayor celebrated the 1st anniversary of the opening of the dental center, insisting that it ” makes oral health available to everyone at the most reasonable cost. The Ebroiciens will thus enjoy many different treatments at one location. All specialties are brought together in the same dental center. They claim that it’s advertising for a dental center and insist that they ensure they receive the “fairest price ” for all their patients.


The regional council formed by the order was taken of this dossier. Beyond this announcement to the Mayor of Evreux, the issue is that “advertising” of dental surgeons lies at the core of the controversy, regardless of whether created by the dental professionals themselves or by someone else (the mayor, in this particular instance). In response to the journalists of The Depeche d’Evreux, Dr. Bachelet Nicolas reveals his frustration: ” This post looks more like an advertisement rather than an implied statement… Should be concluded that the mayor believes that dentists in Evreux don’t practice “fair” costs… in addition. They also do not treat all people who come to them… If this is the case…it is a serious issue to me, Dentist in lahore.

What’s your take on this type of publication? Have you ever dealt with such a scenario? Do new advertising and communication rules need to be implemented? Dr. Bachelet Nicolas expresses his frustration to the journalists of The Depeche d’Evreux. This post looks more like an advertisement than an implied statement. It should be concluded that the mayor believes that dentists in Evreux do not charge “fair” prices and that. They also do not treat everyone who comes to them… If this is the case, I consider it a serious matter.

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