Aluminium Windows Come In Different Types. What Are They?

Aluminium Windows Come In Different Types. What Are They?

Aluminium windows are becoming increasingly popular as they are easy to maintain and can last a lifetime.

Aluminium is a strong material that is also lightweight, making it ideal for window construction. Aluminium section windows  have been used in building for over 100 years, although modern designs incorporate the latest technology to create attractive and durable products.

Types of aluminium windows and aluminium windows designs explained

There are two areas to understand with aluminium windows designs. First is the design of the window frames. Most quality aluminium windows come with several frame options. So whether you’re looking for a flat and modern frame, something with a shape or sculpture to it or even something close to a traditional timber or steel window, aluminium windows designs do cater for most requirements. It’s also these frame designs that often determine the type of aluminium windows you can have.

Aluminium is a lightweight, durable and corrosion resistant material. It can be used in a variety of applications which makes it an ideal material for windows. The design of aluminium windows is also flexible. The choice of design will depend on what you want to achieve with your property and what look you want it to have.

Aluminium windows designs are available in many different styles, colours and finishes. This allows homeowners to choose exactly what they want for their property without having to compromise on anything when it comes to the appearance.

Which type of aluminium is best for windows?

Aluminium sectional windows are a popular choice for many. They are easy to install, they have many options and they blend in with any type of building.

What is an aluminium sectional window?

Alloy 6063 is the most commonly used aluminium alloy for the production of windows and doors. It offers excellent corrosion resistance, high strength and good weldability. This makes it ideal for use in architectural applications such as residential homes, commercial buildings and industrial applications.

Aluminium sheet metal can be formed into a wide variety of shapes; this includes flat sheets, rolled shapes and extruded shapes like tubes and rods. These different shapes can be further processed by bending, stamping or pressing to create finished products such as windows, doors or other architectural features.

Opening types of aluminium windows

There are several aluminium window designs based on the opening method. Here are all the various opening methods for aluminium sliding windows. However, do bear in mind not every aluminium window brand comes with these opening options. You can contact us for information if there’s a particular window style you’re after.

Fixed: This is where the window does not open. It simply slides up and down in a track within the frame of the window, allowing you to clean it from inside and out. If you want to open it, you’ll need to use a handle at the top or bottom edge of your aluminium frame.

Top hung opening out windows

Our top hung opening window offers convenience with the hinges on the left and right sides and the window handle at the bottom. Opening outwards this window suits more modern types of aluminium windows as well as windows designs having larger glass panels and fewer dividing mullions and transoms. The benefit of top-hung opening out windows is they come at larger sizes than side hung windows.

Side hung opening aluminium windows designs

The side hung window frame design has a number of advantages. Easily clean the outside pane of glass by sliding it along the frame and operating hinge, fire escape hinges permit suitable dimensions to open out up to 90 degrees and restrict locks at any height. The width is often limited to 600mm with some wider sizes available.

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