6 Killer Reasons For A Boiler Replacement

6 Killer Reasons For A Boiler Replacement

If http://Boiler Replacementyou want to change your old boiler with an efficient, modern one, upgrade your heating controls. As a result of boiler replacement, you’ll see financial savings immediately, and more importantly, you’ll feel warmer. You can even pair your new system with a thermostat controlled by an app.

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No more waiting for the cylinder to heat up: hot water is always available when you need it. Having hot water available on demand saves energy. When heating a water cylinder, some guesswork is involved in determining how much hot water you will require, and most of us tend to overestimate.

Set the thermostat to your preferred hot water temperature, and your boiler will shut down automatically when it reaches that temperature.

Water is heated in modern boilers by drawing it from the mains and passing it through a heat exchanger. As a result, you will benefit from mains pressure hot water. If you previously required a pump to increase the flow of water, you should no longer do so. Do you want to install a power shower as well…?


Do you keep the bedrooms or the spare room heated during the day? You don’t have many options if you have a mechanical timer switch. Multi-zone heating is one of the main causes of boiler replacement. You can set up different zones in your home using a digital programmer.

For example, the living areas will be set to a daytime schedule, but the bedroom radiators will not turn on until late at night. You can even set a timer for the weekends. This is a significant advantage of replacing your boiler – the heating and hot water become separate entities, so you won’t have to turn on the entire system to take a bath.


We’re all accustomed to replacing items as they wear out or become less reliable. There is always a financial outlay; however, purchasing a new boiler pays for itself immediately.

Unlike most new items, replacing an inefficient old boiler with an efficient new one results in immediate, visible savings. Switching to a new boiler can reduce your gas bills by one-third.

Repairing an old boiler is not cheap, especially when its parts become obsolete. Another cost-cutting measure is that your new boiler will come with a five-year manufacturer’s warranty.


Traditional non-condensing boilers were 60-70% efficient, which means that 30-40% of the energy produced was wasted. Now multiply that by your area, city, and country, and you’ll understand why we have an energy crisis. So boiler replacement is also recommended to save energy.

The average modern boiler is 90% efficient: that’s a lot better. This also means that the wasted gas emits 30-40% less CO2 into the atmosphere.

Your energy consumption is reduced by combining a new, efficient boiler and a responsive and programmable digital controller. You’ll save energy simply by using less gas if you have on-demand hot water and greater control over your central heating. Consider what would happen if every household switched to an energy-efficient heating system.


Old timer switches do not distinguish between heating and hot water. There is only one circuit, and the boiler is either turned on or off. As a result, even in the summers, you must turn on the central heating to take a bath or wash your hands.

This waste is avoided thanks to a new boiler and digital programmer. Even though a modern boiler handles heating and hot water, they run separately. This means that you will hopefully use very little gas for most of the year.


One of the numerous benefits of a modern boiler is that it conserves space. Instant hot water eliminates the need for a large water cylinder, leaving you with a neat, streamlined unit that handles heating and hot water. This style is ideal for apartments and smaller homes.


Handling breakdowns and frozen pipes caused by winter’s falling temperatures makes the cooler months the busiest for trained installers.

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If you change your boiler in the summer, you can do so at a more convenient time. This means no more waiting or paying exorbitant emergency call-out fees when you desperately need your boiler. You also have more time to find a trustworthy Gas Safe Registered installer.

Wrapping Up

Boilers are one of the most frequently used appliances in a house. Because we rely on them, it can be frustrating and inconvenient for any homeowner when they fail. Seriously think about boiler replacement. Instead of waiting until winter arrives and your reliance on your boiler becomes critical, consider replacing it as soon as possible.

Because a boiler is an expensive item, there will never be a perfect time to purchase a replacement. However, you can save time and money this winter by replacing your boiler in the summer.


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