5 Destinations In And Around Kasol

5 Destinations In And Around Kasol


Kasol is a small village with big surprises. Explore our list of the best places to visit in Kasor to get a better idea of ​​the different places to visit in this region of Himachal Pradesh. you can also visit pangarchulla trek.

1. Parvati River

Flowing through the Parvati Valley, the Parvati River completes the Kasol picture. The river beautifies the village and enhances the overall quaint atmosphere. The river, which is of great importance in this village, is an ideal tourist attraction. Just looking at this flowing river and hearing the murmuring of the river soothes my soul. The current of this river is quite fast, so no adventurous activities are allowed around it.

2. Tosh Village

 Tosh is a small village located 20 km from Kasol, built on the banks of the Tosh River at an altitude of 2,400 meters above sea level. The culture cultivated in this village will appeal to travelers with a hippie soul. Stunning views make this place one of the highlights of your trip to Kasol.

3. Keel Ganga 

 Located at the end of the Parvati Valley, Keel Ganga is the last village you will come across while trekking the Ping Parvati Path. The whole picture will take your heart away and make you want to stay longer. Beneath the vast blue sky surrounded by majestic mountains, the lush greenery catches your eye. This village serves as the base he camp for the Keerganga trek and the Pimparvati trek.

4. Tirthan Valley 

To reach the valley you have to drive 60 km from Kasol. This valley is considered one of the secluded places around Kasol and will definitely help you find the escape you’ve been looking for. A day trip to this valley is enough to make your travel experience even more beautiful.

5. Manikaran 

This is an ideal place of pilgrimage for those seeking spiritual enlightenment amidst the beauty of the mountainous terrain. The Gurudwara here, Manikaran Sahib, is said to have been visited by Guru Nanak one day. Just from the village of Kasol he is 4.3 km away and should be added to your itinerary.

6. Charal Village

 This village is known and celebrated for its Israeli culture. In this village he can spend a day to enhance his holiday in Kasol. For adventurers out there, this is an ideal place as there are opportunities to hike here along with mesmerizing scenery that makes the whole adventure worthwhile.

7. Naggar Village 

This particular village is he considered one of the most pristine and bohemian places surrounding Kasol settlement. It takes about 2 hours to reach Naggar from Kasol and you will witness some of the most amazing scenery along the way. While exploring this village, don’t forget to visit some of the main attractions, Naggar Castle and Gauri Shankar Temple, which are considered the highlights of the village.

8. Rasol

At an altitude of 10,000 feet above sea level, the village of Rasol is almost sparsely populated. Much like Kasol, this village is frequented by backpackers who love to explore the different parts of this place. The people here are very friendly and one of the strangest things is that 1 in 2 people here are into wool spinning.

9. Nature Park 

One of the most beautiful places in Kasol, the Nature Park is a peaceful and quiet place to relax in the morning or evening. The Parvati River flows through the park, and the serene atmosphere combined with the worn rocks gives it the feel of a Himachal vacation. The park is lined with pine trees and provides space for walks and nature walks.

10. Hot Springs 

Manikaran’s hot springs are 1.2 km long and are located on the banks of the Parvati River. The hot water that comes out first is rather hot, so keep it in the basin for a while to make it easier to use. The water is believed to have medicinal properties, and bathing should cure illness. Either way, soaking in warm water in winter might be the best thing to do in Kasol.

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11. Shiv Mandir 

The Lord Shiva Temple of Manikaran is an exceptional travel destination around Kasor. Built in 905 AD, this shrine in the middle of the Himalayas attracts many worshipers. The temple is famous for its architecture which has remained intact despite several earthquakes. A visit during Shivratri is highly recommended as demigods are believed to come from heaven to worship the Lord in the temple.

12. Marana Village

 Visiting Marana can be tricky, but here you’ll find out why. The village is quite old and completely pristine on the side of the Parvati Valley. The lonely village and its secluded location are all you need for your vacation and are worth a visit. The village is surrounded by the impressive Deo Tiba and Chandelkani mountains.

13. Pulga Village

 If you want to visit a place that is less crowded and frequented by tourists, you should focus on Pulga Village. Small villages offer stunning views of high mountains, tea plantations, wooden houses and forests. Untouched by modern machinery, it is a true hidden gem in Himachal, perfect for solo travelers and couples.


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