3 Reasons To Hire Experienced Alberta Land Surveyors

3 Reasons To Hire Experienced Alberta Land Surveyors

Buying a piece of land is a big investment that anyone makes.

However, when buying a land it is essential to be safe and know all about the investment that’s to be made. This is where land surveyors come into play.

With an experienced land surveyor, there’s a lot of things that can be identified a piece of land, such as the price to be paid, its features and lot more.

Let us understand why one should hire an experienced Alberta land surveyor.

4 Reasons To Hire Experienced Alberta Land Surveyors

Protecting business investments

A professional land surveyor can help the buyer assess the actual value of your piece of land or property. This can help them determine the amount they need to pay to buy the property.

Land survey, when done professionally can help in identifying the right advantages of a property. Hence, as a buyer or a seller it can be beneficial to work with an Alberta land surveyor.

Assistance in construction

It’s often thought that land surveyors have a limited role, that just ends at surveying the land.

However, when getting a land survey done, it is important to realise the real utility of a land survey too.

After buying a land, one can determine the land’s features and decide how to go about the construction. Engineers and architects refer to the land survey map too to plan out the construction. A survey map shows where a playground can be, how your driveway should be mapped out and more

Legal documentation & requirements

Apart from its utility in determining the true cost of a property and getting assistance with construction, a land survey is also a legal requirement.

Many municipalities and councils may want to look at a property’s map and real property report. A real property report is the final result of the land survey that consists of the land’s boundaries, it’s features and the structures built on it.

A real property report with the help of land survey, stays in the records of the municipal councils and can help avoid any legal disputes in the future.You can also checkout:-

Subdividing lands

If there is a large piece of land, which needs to be further subdivided, then a land survey can come in handy. Subdividng a land is a smart move to ensure better asset and construction management.

When subdividing a piece of land, a land survey by an Alberta land surveyor can help in determining the right municipal codes and required sized to cutout the piece of land further.

Moreover, they can also assist with recording the survey disclosures, corner marks and smallest street width, registration issues etc.

Underground survey

A land survey doesn’t just reveal what’s above the ground but also what lies beneath it.

Cities and towns in Alberta have a lot of things going on beneat the ground too. From energy pipelines, to sewer lines and cable wires too. Figuring that out in the first go, before beginning with any construction is always a good move.

This’d help in strategising the construction process and wouldn’t cause any hurdles down the line. Moreover, there’s a chance that the land owner might have to run it through the municipality, in case the land is on any of the pipelines before beginning with any construction process.

Referring to a city’s bylaws and compliances before moving further is always recommended.

Getting an Expert Alberta Land Surveyor

Bringing onboard an expert land surveyor isn’t a tough job Core Geomatics has been a major player in the land survey and geomatic survey industry in Alberta. With their decade worth of experience and a number of projects under their belt, they have been able to turn out to become one of the best Alberta land surveyors out there.

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