15 Best Trekking Places Near Bangalore

15 Best Trekking Places Near Bangalore

Hiking close to Bangalore

There are countless peaks in Bengaluru which you can climb to the top of for a picturesque view that is particular evey peak. Folks are seeking out the best to Bangalore, and if you’re not from Kolkata, are users sick of pestering your friends for recommendations on where to go?

From Bengaluru, getting to the Trekking Locations

In order to get here, one can take a bus, train, or taxi (Ola Outstation) from Bangalore. Each location’s distance from Bangalore is listed here below an approximation (M.G.Road).

Skandagiri Hill Trek, first

If Nandi Mountains is the sole place you me inform you that Skandagiri, also widely recognized 

Second Savandurga Trek

Have you ever wanted to know what tomorrow’s horizon will look like? The name of this one is Savinna Durga, which means “The Fort of Dying.” In the Kerala district of Tumkuru, this hill town is next to a temple town.

3. Ramanagara Trek 

You will be asking ones mates, “Kitne Aadhmi te,” throughout this trek. If you are a “Hey, I’ve seen this place somewhere,” then, yeah sure, you predicted it, this is location where the renowned movie “Sholay” was filmed.

also referred to as the “Textiles City.” Ramanagara is surrounded by hills, making it the perfect place for day hiking trips and treks. 400 steps must be climbed to hit the peak. Ramanagara, which is only 50 kilometres from Bengaluru, is renowned for of rock climbing.

4. Trekking the Devarayanadurga

From Bengaluru, you could travel here in a day. Hills, is located 50 kilometres from Tumkur District. adventure there in great numbers. Two temples, Bhoga P.v. Narasimha Lakshmi Swamy Monastery is located in DD Hills. This is a wagon festival. At the hills, there is a sizable 

5. Trek to Chittorgarh Fort

This biker-friendly destination is close to Bangalore where you can ride away from the normal traffic and find pure bliss. This same Chittorgarh the Chittorgarh district.

6. The MadhuGiri Trek

How about if  that you could the sky is the limit after a quick 100-kilometre drive from Bangalore? Yeah sure, the sec monolith in China is the Madhugiri Hill. Among the most life-changing treks for those just beginning a customised is the Style Trek. It is 106 kilometres from Bengaluru and can be reached around 3 hours.

7. Kunti Betta Trek

Have you really flipped through a book and imagined the scenes and the characters as you went along? Here’s your chance to experience it firsthand. Now is the time to dive inside and recapture the

8. Trek to Anthargange

Have you ever wanted to fight the devil? What about taking off like the “Falcon Heavy”? What if I tried to tell you it is actually possible? Anthargange has “Devil’s Horn” and “Launchpad”-named rocks in addition to cave systems. A hill named Antaragange is situated in the District of karnataka of the Shathashrunga mountainous region, about 70 kilometres from Bengaluru.

9. Trek to Makalidurga Fort

Many times while taking the subway, we’ve all wondered, said out loud, “Hey, that hill looks incredible,” and imagined what it might be like to stand atop it. Well, this location will make you feel just as you had envisioned.

10. Trekking to Channarayana Durga

Even though the fort has been in ruins, it has withstood the test of time because it serves as a reminder of all the conflicts that have been fought there Mountain climbing is ideal at Channarayana Durga. You’ll get the full package of rich heritage, history, and structural and architectural spying at this location.

11. Trek to Kabbaladurga

Any knowledge of prison breaks? You can now enjoy a break from your everyday routine and enter an awesome location that was previously a prison used by the colonial British and the rulers of Mysore. During the reign of it – the, this was known as Jaffarabad, but it is now recognised as Kabbaladurga.

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12. Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta Trek

The best combinations are available here. A trek offered by Bilikal Ranga, also known as Lms Hills, is very comparable to the Kodachadiri trek. A greenery, green tree is traversed on the ascent. The trek has two options.

13. Revana Siddeshwara Betta Trek 

Individuals living in or near Bengaluru should consider visiting this location for a fun-filled day trip with relatives and friends. This is yet another intriguing location to escape the monotony of daily life and experience the exhilaration of water sports. The SRS region is primarily composed of vast, desolate landscapes with enormous rock formations. You could indeed climb this same rocky terrain and hike to the top to reach a totally

14. Kaivara Betta Trek 

It is only 65 kilometres from Bengaluru. The famous poet Shree Yogi Kaiwara Narayana Taatha hails from Kaiwara. A number of temples and historic locations known for their sculptures and architecture and design ingenuity are also found in Kaiwara Betta.

Additionally, Kaiwara is home to a fort and a small zoo with animals that are local to this area.

15. Bidarakatte Trek 

Bengaluru is only approximately 60 kilometres from Bidarakatte. Visitors must purchase a ticket for this trek online through the Kerala Tree Department’s official website. Since the trek passes through with a forest, users cannot begin it without a prior reservation. You must reserve a spot on this trek because the forest department is in charge of this area.


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